2019 Inline Speed skating International Seminar - registration deadline on december 20th


From 20 to 24 February 2019 Rome will host the first World Skate Inline Speed Skating International Seminar for Judges and Coaches: not only the opportunity to be updated on the development of our discipline but also the chance for all the national Judges and Coaches to get the international level in order to participate and work in all the World Skate Inline Speed Skating International

Coaches Seminar
International well known coaches will attend the forum as speakers: the legendary Colombian Elias Del Valle - Team Colombia Head Coach; "Coach Huang" Chin Lung Huang - from Chinese Taipei and Inline Speed Skating TC Member; Garikoitz Lerga - Team Spain Head Coach.
CONI's Professors such as Carlo Varalda - Professor CONI-SdS and Director FIPE Strength Academy, and Andrea Chirico - Professor of Psychology CONI-SdS, will introduce new professional points of view and additional values to the themes discussed during these three days. Also Alessandro Donati - Master CONI SdS and Responsible of the Olympic Preparation, and Claudio Giorgi - Engineer and Professor SIRI, will speak at the seminar. Last but not the least, Vincenzo Scionti - World Skate Facilities Manager, will talk about the future of inline speed skating facilities.

Judges Seminar
The Inline Speed Skating TC Chairman, Jorge Roldan together with the members Hervé Lallement and Mario Miconi and with the International Referees, Ismael Ochoa, François Gigan and Rhoda Bueker will discuss about focus themes such as faults criteria and sanctions procedure, positioning on the track, rules interpretation and application, the importance of communication between the members of a Jury. And, of course, much more.
Additional info will provided with the detailed last version of the programme.

Below the provisional programme:
February 20: arrival and accreditation
February 21, 22, 23: classes 9:30-12:30 and 14:30 -18:45
February 24: departure

The registration will close on December 20th.

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