Leticia Bufoni is the World Skate Athletes' Representative


Forbes named Leticia Bufoni in the 2018 list of the 25 most powerful women in international sport and Sports Pro Media added her to the most marketable athlete of 2018.
Leticia Bufoni, the 25 years old skater and 4 time X Games Gold Medallist, is already an icon in the sport world and beyond.


So it's not surprising at all that, in the crucial years towards Tokyo2020, Bufoni will cover a such essential role as Athletes' Representative in the World Skate Executive Board.

Sabatino Aracu - World Skate President, said: "I'm so proud to welcome Leticia Bufoni on board and I'm confident that she will put all her enthusiams and skills in a role that I don't hesitate to define fundamental for the correct development of our world. She already gave proof of being an example of integrity and pure passion for the sport and surely will bring her passion inside the EB."