ISO Park open qualifier it's a wrap

After three days of intense heat and practice the first Skater dropped into her qualifier run Wednesday morning. Three runs, three chances to own a spot in the Quarter finals for the 60 riders coming from around the globe to compete at the International Skateboarding Open in Nanjing qualifier. 

Jagger Eaton (USA), here above with one of his flowless Switch Stance FS ollies in the deep end, took the first place in Men division followed by Hericles Fagundes Galle (Brazil) and Kieran Woolley (Australia). 

Top ten ranking of the WMen qualifier follows here below:

1 Jagger Eaton USA
2 Hericles Fagundes Galle Brazil
3 Kieran Woolley Australia
4 Oskar Rozenberg Sweden
5 Pedro Acosta Carvalho Brazil
6 Felipe Foguinho Brazil
7 Tyler Edtmayer Germany
8 Steven Piniero Puerto Rico
9 Ayumu Hirano Japan
10 Ethan Copeland Australia

On the Women side of things the qualifier have been won by China own Xin Zhang, here above doing an inverted aerial during her run, followed by the two fine Australian riders Amar Hadid and Charlotte Heath. Top ten ranking of the Women qualifier follows here below

1 Xin Zhang China
2 Amar Hadid Australia
3 Charlotte Heath Australia
4 Hunter Long USA
5 Jordan Santana USA
6 Taniah Meyers Australia
7 Amelia Brodka Poland
8 Valeria Bertaccini Italy
9 Lucrezia Zarattini Italy
10 Heini Luotola Finland

Impressive skateboarding went down by many of the skaters, showing the variety in the range of tricks and styles of skateboarding that you expect from a group of skaters coming from such diverse countries and backgrounds. Thursday will be the time for Quarter Finals and this will get hotter and hotter.

The full results of qualifications are available in the result section of the website World Skate website

All pictures by  Kenji Haruta