Novara 2016: Standing Ovation for Lucaroni and Tarlazzi


When you have the chance to be present at such an extraordinary competition, you can just open your eyes wide, follow the emotional flow and surrender to the pure talent.

This is what happened today when the Senior Pairs performed: in the last panel the best three pairs were on the floor. Sara Venerucci and Marco Garelli presented a superb "Adamo and Eva": only a fall on the final contact spin and a light imperfection in a throw jump prevented them to get any 10. It was then the turn of Rebecca Tarlazzi and Luca Lucaroni on the theme "Ghost": triple throw loop and triple throw flip, just to give an idea of the level of their technical skills. When the music was over, the crowded Pala Igor Arena exploded in a standing ovation for the World Champions and their perfect, breath-taking performance: no need to wait for the judges, to be sure that the ledwall was going to show more than one 10. It was not easy at all for Alessia Gambardella and Nicola Merlani to enter the floor after such these Champions, but they confirmed a deserved third position with a high-level performance enhanced by original lifting.

Senior Pairs

1 Luca Lucaroni/Rebecca Tarlazzi ITA
2 Marco Garelli/Sara Venerucci ITA
3 Nicola Merlani/Alessia Gambardella ITA

Junior Pairs

The technical level was quite high also in the Junior Pairs: the competition has been suspended because of a soft injury to the Argentinian Florencia Cecconi during the warm up and has been moved after the Senior Category.

1 Alberto Peruch/Isabella Genchi ITA
2 Filippo Tugnoli/Alessia Barbatosta ITA
3 Tomas Masia/Florencia Cecconi ARG

Junior Couple Compulsory
After the Compulsory and Style dances, the Americans Kuan/Seidel lead the ranking with a large advantage.
1 Benson Kuan/Cassandra Seidel USA
2 Luca Rossetti/Alessia Orsi ITA
3 José Cruz/Daniela Dias POR

Senior Couple Compulsory
Tomorrow, once again, it will be an "Italian Affair", with the three Italian couples leading the partial ranking.

1 Alessandro Spigai/Elena Leoni ITA
2 Andrea Bassi/Silvia Stibilj ITA
3 Alberto Maffei/Rachele Campagnoli ITA


15,15 Senior Ladies Final Groups
16,30 Senior Men Final Groups
18,00 Junior Couple Free Dance
18,45 Senior Couple Free Dance

All the competitions will be live on both FIRSTv and FIHPTv.

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Photo Credits: Raniero Corbelletti