Novara 2016: the debut of the Style Dance


Introduced this year, the Style dance debuted today in Novara with the Classic Medley. Starting from now in fact both solo dance and couple dance will perform, in addition to the free dance, one compulsory dance - in 2016, Rocker foxtrot for the Junior categories and Quickstep for the Seniors - and one Style dance as a fusion between a compulsory dance and compulsory exercises.

Junior Ladies Solo Dance - Compulsory and Short

At the end of this first phase, Martina Camana leads the ranking followed by the Portuguese Mariana Souto and the other Italian athlete Camilla Barguino

1 Martina Camana ITA
2 Mariana Souto POR
3 Camilla Barguino ITA

Junior Men Solo Dance Compulsory and Short

The Portuguese Josè Cruz leads the partial ranking followed by Nicola Marenda (ITA). The Colombian Brayan Carreño suspended the long-standing rivalry between Portugal and Italy and wormed his way in the challenge for the Gold Medal.

1 José Cruz POR
2 Nicola Marenda ITA
3 Brayan Carreño COL

Junior Ladies - Short Programme

Italy confirmed the predominance in this discipline gaining two great opportunities through the first step of the podium thanks to Micol Zangoli and Michela Cima. Giselle Soler (ARG), already 2016 Figures World Champion, will try in the Long programme to conquer her second Gold Medal in Novara.

1 Micol Zangoli ITA
2 Giselle Soler ARG
3 Michela Cima ITA

Junior Men - Short Programme

Also in the Junior Men category, Italy paved the way to the Gold Medal with a double positioning in the first three place of the partial ranking after the Short Programme.

1 Marco Giustino ITA
2 David Andre Aponte ESP
3 Michele Sica ITA


13,35     Senior Ladies Solo Compulsory
15,15     Senior Men Solo Compulsory
16,25     Junior Ladies Long Programme – excluding final groups
19,00     Junior Men Long Programme – excluding final groups
20,15     Senior Ladies Solo Style Dance
22,25     Senior Men Solo Style Dance

All the competitions will be live both on FIRSTv and FIHPTv.

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Photo Credits: Raniero Corbelletti