Novara 2016: double Gold for Italy


Tricks of lights and colours warmed the PalaIgor Arena completely sold out in the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Worlds with an homage to the roller sports and to the City of Novara.

After the National delegations parade and the speeches of the authorities, the FIRS President Sabatino Aracu declared opened the 61th edition of the Roller Artistic World Championships. Two competitions took place today: the Precision and the Small Groups.


After the hegemmony of Germany before and then Argentina, it seems that Italy is going to take the lead in Precision speciality: for the first time an Italian team reached the first step of the podium. Sincro Roller Abyss skated a perfect performance and made the history. Roller Dreams (ARG) got the Silver with a quick rythm and a coreograohic performance on a medley of Queen's hits; the Bronze medal went to the Precision Skates (ARG) confirming that the south american school is still on top of the world.

1 Sincro Roller Abyss ITA
2 Roller Dreams ARG
3 Precision Skates ARG

Small Groups
The challenge for the gold was all about Italy. New Age deserved the title thanks to their better skating skills and a kind of "quid" that really touched the audience: music, coreography, technic and interpretation made the performance quite perfect. Superb performance for the Division, enchanting and funny, but not enough to ensure them the Gold medal. The Brazilian group CRSG and their festival of fools closed the competition: an impressive coreography and a superb presentation balanced out the lesser skating quality.

1 New Age/The light Inside ITA
2 Division/Cruiser to Naples ITA
3 CRSG/Topsy Turvy BRA


13,35 Senior Ladies Solo Compulsory
15,15 Senior Men Solo Compulsory
16,25 Junior Ladies Long Programme – excluding final groups
19,00 Junior Men Long Programme – excluding final groups
20,15 Senior Ladies Solo Style Dance
22,25 Senior Men Solo Style Dance

All the competitions will be live both on FIRSTv and FIHPTv.

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Photo Credits: Raniero Corbelletti