Novara 2016: concluded the first phase of the worlds


With the Compulsory Figures and the Inline Long Programme, today the Worlds reached the end of the first phase. It was the turn of the Senior categories in the Compulsory. The Ladies, divided in two panels, had to perform the following figures: Rockers LFO, Para Dble Threes RBO, Para Loops LFO, Para Brackets RBO. The figures drawn for the Men were Counters LFI, Para Dble Threes RFO, Para Loops LBO, Para Brackets RFO. Tomorrow, after the Opening Ceremony, the Groups will be on the floor with the Precision and the Small Groups team.

Senior Men Compulsory Figures

This year also there was the head-to-head for the podium between De Mattia (ARG), Lell (GER) and Santucci (ITA). The quite perfect performance of Lell made him unreachable: Santucci and De Mattia were so close but, at the end, the defending champion, De Mattia had to make do with the Bronze medal.
1 Markus Lell GER
2 Marco Santucci ITA
3 Luis Hector De Mattia ARG


This year the Junior categories have been introduced for the first time and created an interesting new balance in the competitions. Both in the Junior and Senior Ladies, the Long Programme confirmed the partial ranking of the Short Programme. Big party for the Motley brothers (USA), both on the highest step of the podium in their category: Natalie confirmed the 2014 Gold in Reus, after the Silver Medal of the past year in Cali. Great come back for Antonio Panfili (ITA) that got the better of Chun Lee (TPE) and climbed on the third step of the podium.

Inline Junior Ladies
1 Anastasia NOSOVA RUS
2 Valentina ESCOBAR ARG

Inline Junior Men
1 Colin Motley USA
2 Amal Raj Abhijith
3 Ting - Yu Wan

Inline Senior Ladies
1 Natalie Motley USA
2 Claudia Pfeiffer GER
3 Serena Giraud FRA

Inline Senior Men
1 Yi-Fan ChenTPE
2 Carlos Urquia ARG
3 Antonio Panfili ITA

Senior Ladies Compulsory Figures
It was a head-to-head for the Gold between Annabella Mendoz (ARG) and Giada Cavataio (ITA): the Argentinian got the most precious metal thanks to a better judges placing; Bronze Medal for Elisabeth Soler (ARG)

1 Anabella Mendoz ARG
2 Giada Cavataio ITA
3 Elisabeth Soler ARG


17,00 Opening Ceremony
18,30 Pprecision Group
19:45 Small Groups

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Photo Credits: Raniero Corbelletti