Novara 2016: ready to go!


Everything is ready in the Pala Igor arena in Novara - Ialy - for 1500 athletes and 33 National delegations that will attend the LXI Roller Artistic Skating World Championships.

Novara is ready - Are you ready?
There are great expectations for this edition that will bring the top roller artistic skaters back to Italy after 11 years. As a matter of fact, Italy is one of the most esteemed country in artistic roller skating and, for sure, the audience attendance is supposed to be very high: the tickets are already sold out for quite all the days.
The City of Novara has a long tradition in the roller sports that goes back to 1924 when the Hockey Novara team was founded, and in the next two weeks will be, more and more, "Una città che pattina" - "A rolling town".

Many events have been organized in the downtown to involve the expected 15.000 people that will reach the Italian city for the Worlds: more info at

It will be possible to follow the competitions on live streaming both on FIRSTv and FIHPTv.

12,30 Junior Ladies Figures 1-2 Junior Mens Figures 1-2-3-4         
15,45 Junior Ladies Inline Short Programme - Live streaming coverage
16,30 Junior Men Inline Short Programme - Live streaming coverage
17,00 Senior Ladies Inline Short Programme - Live streaming coverage
17,50 Men Inline Short Programme - Live streaming coverage
19.00 Junior Ladies Figures 3-4

Photo Credits: Raniero Corbelletti