Inline Hockey Chairman, Alberto Lastrucci resigned

Inline Hockey
Inline Hockey

Mr Alberto Lastrucci (FRA), Chairman of the International Technical Commission of Inline Hockey, resigned yesterday due to personal reasons and Mr Andrea Fonzari (ITA), previous Inline Hockey Head of Referees, has been appointed as new Chairman until the next elections. Mr Lastrucci said:  "I'm sure he will do a great job: during these years in the Commission, Andrea showed a great passion for our sport, as well as skills and expertise that will make him a perfect Chairman. A great thank you to all the World Skate family and to Sabatino for his support."

Sabatino Aracu, World Skate President, said: "While I understand the reasons of Alberto request, I am sorry to lose such a valued person, who has given all his best inside the International Technical Commission of Inline Hockey earlier as Member and in these last years as Chairman. I wish to extend him my deepest gratitude for his work and his efforts in the development of the Inline Hockey. And I would like to thank Andrea Fonzari, for his new commitment, sure that he will be able to give a great contribution to the World Skate and to the discipline of the Inline Hockey."