WRG19 Semifinals are set in Junior Inline Hockey: Canada – Czech Republic and Usa – Spain in men's tournament; Spain – Canada and Finland – Usa in women's.

Here we are: the best eight teams in Junior Hockey are ready to fight for a medal. Semifinals are set both in men's and woman's tournament. Live broadcast on Check the schedule:

3 july Junior Men Semifinals in Mar Bella:

6.30pm Canada – Czech Republic

8pm Usa – Spain

3 july Junior Woman Semifinals in Mar Bella:

12am Spain – Canada

1.30pm Finland - Usa


Junior men quarter finals:

Heartbreaking end for the Colombians, who lost in overtime against Canada 2-1. With the support of the loudest fan-base in Barcelona, the SouthAmericans played an exciting game, but Canadians are a solid team. Canada took the lead after an awesome coast-to-coast by Abbamont. Colombia found the net in the second period with a rocket form the high-slot by Silen Svensson. It was a scramble near the colombian crease to solve the match for the red and white: Blake Tallas was the game's hero.

Spain reached semifinal beating Sweden 6-3 after an entertaining game. The host took the lead early and didn't lost it till the end. Gutierrez Garrido and Banos Quiroga scored in the first five minutes. Swedish top player Hellman reduced the gap, but Diez Mora and Esgueva Gonzales established spanish supremacy before the first period's end. Down by three goals, the Sweds desperately tried to come back: Hellman scored two times, but thanks to Garcia Edo and Coronas Ruiz Spain always kept a safety distance in the scoring.

Team Usa continued its campaign scoring eight goals (to 4) versus underdog Namibia. Shocking start for the Africans, down by 4 goals in ten minutes. Vadeboncouer and Guzman netted two tallies each. With the game in their hand the Americans slowed their pace and Namibia was able to partially come back (till 5-3). It was Vadeboncouer again to score the most important goal of the night. Then Usa regained control, till the end (8-4).

What's the best way to end an amazing hockey day? Czech Republic vs France, of course. Two hockey superpowers, battling for a place in the semifinal. Tough game, great skills, physical duels. the key moment occurred in the middle of the first period, when the Czechs scored two times: Svozil with a wrist shot on the glove side of Lefebvre and then Altrichter on a perfect feed by Jindra. The thrid and final goal came late: Luza scored with twenty seconds left on the clock.

Junior Women quarter finals:

It was the host team to open the schedule in Junior Women quarter finals. Spain confirmed its huge potential versus Colombia, who fought till the final buzzer. Almendariz Garcia scored after a few minutes, Luna Guia doubled up with 1.22 left in the first period. Colombia battled in the second and finally found a well deserved goal with Gamboa Hernandez with less then 4 minutes to play. Castro Sas closed the score for Spain.

Finland – Great Britain was a close one: in those games the best players often make the difference. It's this case: British star Garbett opened the score, finnish sniper Jenna Aro equalized. The long hard battle ended in sudden death: Aro scored again.

No surprise in the third quarter final game between Usa and Italy. The Americans won 4-2, despite great commitment by the Italians. Maddox and Brown (penaly shot) beat Casiraghi in the first eight minutes of play. The Italian girls answered with sniper Roccella. Then the decisive break for Usa: in just 26 seconds Salaski and Maddox capitalized two italians mistakes to go up by three goals. The momentum didn't change in the second period: a useless late goal by Zecchin Ferrara closed the score.

Canada is the fourth semifinalist: two goals in the first period were enough to clinch the spot. Hennigan and Moore went on the score sheet. New Zealand tried har to come back, but found the way to beat canadian goalie just once, thanks to Mudford.


Colombia – Canada 1-2 OT

Spain – Sweden 6-3

Namibia – Usa 4-8

France – Czech Republic 1-3


Spain – Colombia 3-1

Finland – Great Britain 2-1 OT

Italy – Usa 2-4

Canada – New Zealand 2-1


Pool 17th – 20th:

China – Ireland 1-8

Korea – India 5-10

Pool 13th - 16th

Poland – Australia 7-6

New Zealand – Germany 2-4

Pool 9th - 12th

Great Britain – Italy 2-5

Switzerland – Chinese Taipei 2-3


Pool 9th -11th

Sweden – India 14-1


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