WRG19 – Inline hockey: it's up to the Seniors, the gold rush has started in Barcelona

Inline hockey program started in Barcelona: the gold rush began both in men and women tournaments. In senior men the 23 teams are divided into five groups of four teams and one group of three teams for the preliminary round. The pools A and B form the Division 1, the pools from C to F form Division 2. Teams will play a Round Robin within their group. Best three teams in division 1 pools will play the playoffs. Winners from division 2 pools will play qualification games between them and then winners play versus last two teams from division 1, to reach a playoff spot.


In senior women the 15 teams are divided into three groups. Best two teams of each group clinch a playoff spot together with the two best third teams.


Defending champions are Czech Republic in senior men, Usa in senior women.


Here's the results from day 1 at Horta and Mar Bella rinks.


6 July Inline hockey men results:


Pool A – Division 1

Czech Republic- Italy 2-1

Canada- Usa 4-8


Pool B – Division 1

Switzerland – Colombia 4-3

France – Spain 2-2


Pool C- Division 2

Great Britain – Brazil 2-3


Pool D – Division 2

China – Mexico 3-8

Sweden – Namibia 5-3


Pool E – Division 2

Chinese Taipei – Ireland 3-1

Germany – Macau 24-1


Pool F – Division 2

Latvia – India 27-1

Slovakia – Iran 10-3


6 july Inline hockey women results:


Pool A

France – Usa 2-3

Italy – Chinese Taipei 2-1

New Zealand – France 1-4


Pool B

Finland – Great Britain 6-0

Australia – China 6-0

Great Britain – Czech Republic 0-11


Pool C

Canada – Japan 6-2

Sweden – India 16-0

Japan – Spain 0-8


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