WRG19 – Inline hockey: road to the quarter finals

Watch out for the monday night hockey game between Usa and Czech Republic (21.30 at Mar Bella). It'll be real show. And maybe a preview of the future gold medal game in Senior Men Inline Hockey tournament. Check the results of the first two days of hockey: those teams seem unstoppable. They beat strong team as Canada and Italy as it was a practice. In the other Division 1 group France and Spain lead with 3 points. Sweden , Germany and Slovakia are the best teams in Division 2 till now. Final first phase day will decide who continue to hope for a playoff spot.

Even in Senior Women the Round Robins are coming to an end: current leaders are Usa and Italy in pool A, Czech Republic and Finland in pool B, Spain and Canada in pool C.


Check WRG19 Inline Hockey livescores, standings and schedule here:


7 July Inline hockey men results:


Pool A – Division 1

Czech Republic – Canada 9-1

Italy – Usa 2-8


Pool B – Division 1

France – Switzerland 4-1

Spain – Colombia 3-1


Pool C- Division 2

Japan – Great Britain 3-4


Pool D – Division 2

Namibia – Mexico 5-5

Sweden – China 23-1


Pool E – Division 2

Macau – Ireland 0-11

Germany – Chinese Taipei 3-1


Pool F – Division 2

Iran – India 16-1

Slovakia – Latvia 5-2


7 july Inline hockey women results:


Pool A

Italy – Usa 0-4

Chinese Taipei – New Zealand 1-7

France – Italy 1-2


Pool B

Australia – Czech Republic 1-24

China – Finland 1-8

Great Britain – Australia 4-0


Pool C

Japan – Sweden 3-2

India – Canada 0-13

Sweden – Spain 0-10


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