WRG19 – Inline hockey, six teams clinch a quarter final spot in men's tournament, including favourites Czech Republic and Usa.

In senior men, first round goes to the Czechs. If it will be a second round against the Usa, with gold medal to win, depends on the next ga now finished. Czech Republic won the game (4-2) and Pool A. Usa and Canada go straight to the quarter finals too. Italy has to win the barrage game versus the winner of Sweden – Germany to gain the top eight. In Pool B, France, Spain and Switzerland are the best three. Colombia will battle against the winner of Brazil – Slovakia. Quarter finals are scheduled for thursday.

Round Robins aren't finished yet in women's tournament. Anyway, Usa, Italy and France from pool A, Czech Republic and Finland from pool B, Canada, Spain and Japan from pool C are qualified for the quarter finals.

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 8 July Inline hockey men results:

 Pool A – Division 1

Canada – Italy 3-1

Usa – Czech Republic 4-2

 Pool B – Division 1

Colombia – France 0-6

Switzerland – Spain 2-7



Pool C- Division 2

Brazil – Japan 3-1

 Pool D – Division 2

China – Namibia 0-14

Mexico – Sweden 3-5

 Pool E – Division 2

Chinese Taipei – Macau 9-1

Ireland – Germany 4-4

 Pool F – Division 2

Latvia – Iran 8-4

India – Slovakia 2-44

 8 july Inline hockey women results:

 Pool A

Usa – Chinese Taipei 7-0

New Zealand – Italy 0-1

 Pool B

Czech Republic – China 18-0

Finland -Australia 17-1

China – Great Britain 0-16

 Pool C

India – Japan 0-18

Canada – Sweden 8-0

Spain – India 14-0

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