WRG19 – Inline hockey, here's the semifinals: Czech Republic – Canada and France – Usa in men's tournament; Usa – Spain and Czech Republic – Italy in women's.

In men's tournament, quarter finals began with the “derby” between Czech Republic and Slovakia. First period was close, Slovakia defended well, allowing just two goals (to one) to the Czechs scoring machine. In the second period the favorites changed gear, pushed hard and finally did the gap. They won 9-4, hat-trick for Kafka.

Then it was time for another big rivalry: France against Italy is always unpredictable and often spectacular. It was a game with two faces: first period with the Azzurri on fire with their power play. They took the lead 3-1. Second period for Les Blues: a strong come-back until they took the lead (4-3) .Then Lettera equalized on power play. Horrut scored the sudden death goal in overtime (hat-trick for him) to fix the score (5-4). What a game.

Upset for the host team in the third clash: Spain found a wall in canadian goalie Hartwell who took 44 shots! On that wall, Canada built its win: they scored two goals in the first period with Luscombe and Oosterveld. In the second period Coughler ended the job: 3-0.

Usa won 7-0 against Switzerland in the last game of the day. The Swiss tried to stay in the match in the first period defending well, but the Americans are too strong. Schiavo scored two goals in the first period and that's it. Second period was an amenrican solo: 7-0 the finale result.

In women's tournament, early morning clash between Spain and Finland ended 3-1 for the 'Red Furies'. The host team put great effort on the rink, playing an high-pace possession game: Beltran Wanger was the main offensive danger for the Finns. She scored the first two goals to make the result safe. Ramos Gonzales made the third one. Tapani ruined a possible shut out with just 46 seconds left on the clock. Too late.

Fifth win in a row for Usa: 3-0 versus France to advance to the semifinal. The defending champions want another gold. Veheranta, Yokoyama and Bier are the scorers. Shut out by Rackleff who saved 28 shots. France fought hard but didn't find the way to score.

No chance for Japan in the third gameo f the day: Czech Republic won 8-0 with an outstanding performance by captain Mrazova who put 6 points on the scoresheet.

Last quarter final was the closest one. A battle between Italy and Canada that ended in the penalty shots. Stocker for Italy scored the game winner, Biondi between the pipes was a machine. Italy won 3-2: for the first time ever they beat Canada and clinch the semifinal.


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12 july Inline hockey men semifinals schedule:

 8pm Czech Republic – Canada

9.30pm France - Usa

 12 july Inline hockey women semifinals schedule:

 5pm Usa - Spain

6.30pm Czech Republic – Italy

11 july Inline hockey men quarter finals results:

Czech Republic – Slovakia 9-4

France – Italy 5-4 ot

Spain – Canada 0-3

Usa – Switzerland 7-0

 11 july Inline hockey women quarter finals results:

 Finland – Spain 1-3

Usa – France 3-0

Czech Republic – Japan 8-0

Canada – Italy 2-3 so

 11 July Inline hockey men other results:

Place 9-16

Sweden – Great Britain 3-5

Germany – Latvia 3-5

Brazil – Chinese Taipei 5-4

Colombia – Namibia 5-3


Place 17-23

Iran – Mexico 2-3

Japan – Ireland 9-2


Place 21-23

Macau – India 7-2

India – China 4-10



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