WRG2017 Roller Freestyle: an extraordinary experience

Roller Freestyle

This weekend history was made for Roller Freestyle discipline within the International Roller Freestyle Federation. Nanjing China played host to the first ever World Championship of the Roller Freestyle, with 17 National Federation’s attending the competition. A huge Roller Freestyle Park was built at the famous Sports Labs in Nanjing to host both the Men’s and Women’s competition. (Photo Credits: Erika Zanetti)


The excitement of the riders was evident on all corners of the park; during training Iran team Manager Ardeshir Ghovanlopoor commented, “I want exactly the same park at home! That will be the best to train the kids all the year.”.

Mens qualification began on the 2nd of September, with Nicols Servy taking the lead in a strong run with good energy and amplitude. It’s been pleasure to see so many nations competing. Countries such as Iran and India that are rarely seen, as well as Croatia, Japan, and Poland showing out for the judges.

Following mens qualifying the women got their chance in the semi’s. It was a finals atmosphere as the threat of rain loomed overhead, looking to possibly cancel the finals, solidifying the semi scores for the championship.

Chihiro Azumi from Japan took the lead following her first run with a strong showing but with room for improvement, But never dropped from her top spot. She was followed by the Spanish Roller Maria Munòz who also used the park lines to her advantage, with well thought out runs. Lisa Marie Authie was fighting hard to stay on the podium after her first run but the other french women representative Amandine Condroyer put together an amazing 3rd run and took over second place, giving Spain the 3rd place and removing Lisa from the podium.

Having 24 of the words best riders on a beautiful afternoon in Nanjing was a spectacle for everyone involved. Add to that the fact that the women the semi final’s could possibly be shifted to the final result, and the stage was set for excitement.

The competition was amazing, with the riders providing a great show for the fans displaying a high level of competition and camaraderie. The french team was on fire and displayed some crazy skills with impossible flips. We also had the chance to watch different styles off skating with Joe Atkinson’s impecible style and ease, Australian Oliver Czaj’s enthusiasm and technicality, as well as Jelle Briggeman from the Nederland’s crazy speed and amplitude. However, the French team was ableto put it all together, sweeping to podium. Julien Cudot skated his way to 3rd place, Jeremy Melique with huge spins switch and natural added to his technical tricks garnered him 2nd place, with Roman Abrate topping it all off in 1st displaying his signature Kangaroo flip (double cork 1080°) and a strong line, hitting every obstacle on the course with hammers to spare.

Unfortunately the Finals on Sunday were rained out, securingthe semi-finals scores as our leaderboard for the event. A huge thanksto all the rides, judges, on course employees, and techincal staff. Everyone workigntogether ensured this will be an event to remember and looking forward to in the following years. Next World Cup stop will be in Chengdu China November 3rd to 5th during the FISE World Series last stop.

Click here for the full results ftp://firsftp.enetres.net/FIRS/RollerFreestyle/Results/