Argentina will host the 2021 World Skate Games

World Skate
World Skate

Argentina has been chosen to host the 2021 World Skate Games: after the YOG, Buenos Aires renews its strong commitment towards sport and youth development, hosting the third edition of the WSG.

In the footsteps of Nanjing, which had been home to the Youth Olympic Games and to the first WRG edition, Buenos Aires confirms the bond that unites young people and the wheel sports world: following the great success of last year’s YOG, in which World Skate was on the spotlight with 4 disciplines - Skateboarding, Rink hockey, Freestyle Roller and the first Inline Speed Skating Olympic medal - Argentina will now host the 2021 edition of the world’s biggest Skating event.

The World Skate Executive Board, that met on April 30, unanimously entrusted Argentina with the task of organizing the World Skate Games that will take place in Buenos Aires, Vicente Lopez and San Juan between October and November 2021.

Sabatino Aracu, World Skate President: “First with Nanjing and now with Buenos Aires, we confirm once again our ability to take up and carry on important legacies as those deriving from the Youth Olympic Games: our world has shown that it can reach out to young people and conquer them, inspiring passion and propensity for sporting activity. I am proud to be able to say that, whenever "tested" within the framework of an Olympic context, we have always exceeded expectations. "

Mario Moccia, Argentinian Olympic Committee Secretary General: “Following the great success of the Inline Speed Skating at the YOG and the strong interest raised by Skateboarding and Roller freestyle in the urban cluster, we couldn’t help but consider the opportunity to host the upcoming World Skate Games: I am sure that Buenos Aires, Vincente Lopez and San Juan will be the perfect setting for a young and vibrant event like the WSG. "

Daniel Ventura, President of the Confederacion Argentina de Patinaje: “We are proud to host the biggest international Skating event in the world and we will put all our efforts into creating a memorable edition of the World Skate Games: Argentina boasts a long-standing tradition in all wheel sports and I am sure that fans will come from all over the country to see their heroes. The World Skate Games will give extraordinary impulse to a movement that has been constantly growing over the years.

About The World Skate Games
The World Skate Games gather the World Championships of all the World Skate disciplines and take place each two years. The games, previously World Roller Games, have been renamed "World Skate Games" following the historical congress that changed the name of the International Federation from Federation Internationale de Roller Sports to WORLD SKATE.
The first edition took place in Nanjing, China in 2017. Later on this summer, Barcelona (Spain) will host the second edition starting from June 29th - July 14th