Introducing the new World Skate Facilities Department

World Skate
World Skate

Following the announcement of the official Skateboarding Street and Park Series, World Skate introduces another new initiative.

Sabatino Aracu - World Skate President – said that it’s with great joy that today after a long preparation, we can launch the new World Skate Facilities Department including the issuance of a World Skate Skatepark Certification for skate facilities ensuring the top quality in design and construction and with-it allowing cities to organize official national and international events and competitions.

The World Skate Facilities Department or WSFD was created to provide cities all over the world with help and support with the development of skate facilities in the same way World Skate did for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic skateparks.

Together we will create the Next Generation skateparks with cites all around the world supporting skating and skateboarding at the highest quality level and simultaneously making sure this is done most sustainably.

Director Mr. Jerry Bekkers added: "We are very excited about the new World Skate Facilities Department as it will make a huge difference for the future of skating in general. Skate facilities are at the core of skate sports and creating the Next Generation high-quality skate facilities will have a direct impact on skating and its athletes on a global scale."

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