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Sports Medicine


WADA has launched a new Digital Library designed to make WADA’s education and information tools more accessible to its stakeholders.  The Digital Library is accessible on WADA’s website in English (library.wada-ama.org) and in French (bibliotheque.wada-ama.org).

National Federations shall assist FIRS in collecting athlete whereabouts information from athletes on the FIRS registered testing pool (RTP) who are members of their Federation. The RTP involves elite athletes who are subject to no advanced notice out of competition testing by WADA. Lists of RTP athletes will be posted to this webpage www.rollersport.org and emailed to National Federation with each update.

A list of the athletes and their status with regard to provision of whereabouts information attached is being regularly mailed to each FIRS Member national Federation and/or Association.

Athletes who are included on the FIRS RTP are required to file whereabouts to ADAMS in accordance with guidelines each quarter Q1 1st January to 31 March by 15 December in preceding year, Q2 1st April to 30 June by 15 March, Q3 1st July to 30 September by 15 June, and Q4 1st October to 31 December by 15 June. The ADAMS system will send a reminder to athletes as long as they have provided a valid email address to the system. Guidelines can be found in the document whereaboutsfiling obligations  on the web page above or in the International Standards for Testing on the WADA web page www.wada-ama.org
Failure to comply may result in a filing failure and/or missed test being recorded against the athlete. Any athlete with any combination of three (3) missed tests and/or three (3) filing failures recorded against them in a twelve (12) month period will be sanctioned and have a period of ineligibility of between one (1) and two (2) years.

I look forward to your co-operation.

Kind regards
Dr. Patricia Wallace MB ChB BSc
FIRS Doping Control

Useful Links

World Anti-Doping Code available @ https://www.wada-ama.org/en/resources/the-code/world-anti-doping-code
WADA International standards @ https://www.wada-ama.org/en/international-standards
Athlete Reference Guide to 2015 Code https://www.wada-ama.org/en/resources/the-code/athlete-reference-guide-to-2015-code-online-version

WADA Educational tools

Alpha http://alpha.wada-ama.org/login/index.php
Coach True http://coachtrue.wada-ama.org/login/index.php
Play True Quiz http://quiz.wada-ama.org/

WADA video tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmTpHy9oJc8&index=2&list=PLA9222704E5323A3F

ADAMS user guide for athletes https://wada-ama.sharefile.com/d-s75001c2626042cda

List of WADA Accredited Laboratories https://www.wada-ama.org/en/resources/laboratories/list-of-wada-accredited-laboratories

WADA Speak Up section @ https://speakup.wada-ama.org/WebPages/Public/FrontPages/Default.aspx

Download the ADAMS App from the Apple store or from Google Play