ISO Park Quarter finals results

With World Skateboarding Ranking pre seeded skaters joining the best riders from the Qualifiers, the competition shifted gear into the Quarter Finals picking up pace toward the final phases of the contest.

Jagger Eaton (USA) had another extraordinary day of skateboarding landing again in the first spot in front of Dani Leon (SPA) and Steven Piniero (PUE), here are the riders advancing to the Men Semi Finals.

1 Jagger Eaton USA
2 Danny Leon Spain
3 Steven Piniero Puerto Rico
4 Oskar Rozenberg Sweden
5 Karl Berglind Sweden
6 Hericles Fagundes Galle Brazil
7 Alex Sorgente USA
8 Ivan Federico Italy
9 Cory Juneau USA
10 Trey Wood USA
11 Ayumu Hirano Japan
12 Kieran Woolley Australia
13 Pedro Acosta Carvalho Brazil
14 Ethan Copeland Australia

In the Women division the field has been dominated by Sky Brown, preseeded after her good result at the Dew Tour last June. In the top three we have also Amelia Brodka (POL)  and Mami Tezuka (JPN), here are the riders advancing to the Women Semi Finals.

1 Sky Brown Great Britain
2 Amelia Brodka Poland
3 Mami Tezuka Japan
4 Jordan Santana USA
5 Dora Varela Brazil
6 Julia Benedetti Spain
7 Charlotte Heath Australia
8 Mei Sugawara Japan
9 Hunter Long USA
10 Taniah Meyers Australia
11 Xin Zhang China
12 Amar Hadid Australia

Top 12 Women and top 14 Men of the made the cut Today. They will skate the Semi Finals on Friday where 8 out of 24 competitors will advance into the Finals. Full results are available in the result page

The full results of qualifications are available in the result section of the website World Skate website

All pictures by  Kenji Haruta