ISO Park Final results

The final day of the International Skateboarding Open of Park has been long, intense and exciting. The Women competition has been dominated by Japanese skaters who grabbed 3 out 3 podium spots; young Misugu Okamoto skated like no one else showing impressive skills that included perfect McTwists, Nosegrinds and an overall clean and stylish skateboarding, Sakura Yosozumi at the second place with a technical skateboarding approach that included a Bigspin disaster on the steep bank, Kisa Nakamura in the 3rd place with an allround approch that took her in every corner of the park with good tricks and solid style.

1 Misugu Okamoto Japan 50,00
2 Sakura Yosozumi Japan 45,58
3 Kisa Nakamura Japan 43,87
4 Asp Yndiara Brazil 43,83
5 Sky Brown Great Britain 42,99
6 Poppy Starr Olsen Australia 36,37
7 Bryce Wettstein USA 35,13
8 Isadora Pacheco Brazil 12,85

The Men's Final has been one of the most exiting of all time, with Heiman Reynold (USA) improving his score at each run while always deliverying impeccable 45 seconds of high level skateboarding. The Hawaian won followed by Brazilian powerhouse Luiz Francisco (BRA) who skated faster, bigger and more powerfull than everyone in the field. Alex Sorgente (USA) after struggling during the first two runs, eventually delivered one the most creative and versitile run ever seen in Longjiang, he took the 3rd place.

1 Heimana Reynolds USA
2 Luiz Francisco Brazil
3 Alex Sorgente USA
4 Jagger Eaton USA
5 Ivan Federico Italy
6 Hericles Fagundes Galle Brazil
7 Vincent Matheron France
8 Cory Juneau USA

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All pictures by  Kenji Haruta