Artistic Figure Skating: whats's the plan?


There are so many rumors about the future of artistic figure skating and the main question is, of course: Is it going to disappear? Here below a brief recap of what is going to happen to the figure skating in the next years.

The World Championships 2020 will be the last world championship hosting figure competitions. Starting from 2021, there will be an annual special event called "Open Figures World Cup" and gathering all categories competitions: the first edition willl take place in Freiburg.

Without any doubts, this new format will bring new opportunities for the speciality development with the spotlight entirely on these competitions: usually, during the worlds, it happened that the figures received minor attention and this will be avoided in a dedicated event.

In addition, requirements such as a specialised jury and specific rinks will add a value to the competitions making the performances easier to watch and more comprehensible.

Stay tuned for update!