2017 Rink Hockey Intercontinental Cup: SL Benfica won in Reus

Rink Hockey

Last Saturday in Reus, the Portugues team of SL Benfica won the Intercontinental Cup for the second time. The team from Lisbon, winner of the Euroleague in 2016, won the final against Reus Deportivo, Spanish and host team, winner of the Euroleague in 2017. 

The decisive game was so balanced that only in the last two minutes SL Benfica definitely broke the tie. With only two minutes still to play, the result was 3-3 and the extra time seemed a concrete option. During the match, Albert Casanovas put Reus ahead twice, but Jordi Adroher (who was born in Reus where he began to play hockey) tied twice and change the match putting Benfica ahead for the first time when less than 10' lasted to the end of the match. Reus's captain Raul Marin scored the 3-3 a couple of minutes later, letting the game going on in a perfectly balanced situation.

In the last two minutes, SL Benfica got the victory thanks to the goal scored by Valter Neves, followed by the fourth by Adroher in the last seconds of the game.
On Friday, the European teams eliminated the Argentinian teams participating in this Intercontinental Cup Final Four.
SL Benfica won 7-4 against Andes Talleres form Mendoza and Reus Deportivo prevailed over CP Concepcion from San Juan 7-5 after the extra time.

SL Benfica - Reus Deportiu 5-3 (first half: 0-1)      
Scorers: 0-1, Albert Casanovas, min 18; 1-1, Jordi Adroher, min 29; 1-2, Albert Casanovas, min 33; 2-2, Jordi Adroher, min 34; 3-2, Jordi Adroher, min 36; 3-3, Raul Marín, min 38; 4-3, Valter Neves, min 48; 5-3, Jordi Adroher, min 49.
SL Benfica: Pedro Henriques, Jordi Adroher, Miguel Vieira, Valter Neves, Carlos Nicolía – starting five – Diogo Rafael, Joao Rodrigues and Miguel Rocha.
Reus Deportiu (1+2): Càndid Ballart, Romà Bancells, Albert Casanovas, Marc Torra, Raul Marín – starting five – Àlex Rodríguez and Joan Salvat.           
Referees: Xavier Bleuzen (France) and Franco Ferrari (Italy)

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