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Rink Hockey Coaches Training Course 2021

Rink Hockey

The course main goal is to raise the international level of knowledge of the trainee coaches so that they can transmit it in their countries. It is a long term project that is expected to take at least 3 years to be fully functional.

Here below the steps necessary for admission to the World Skate Academy and the completion of the training course:

  1. The World Skate International Courses are open to ALL trainers designated by the National Federations and, it consists of a completely face-to-face training course or a course with online content with a final part that will consist of a face-to-face session of resolution of doubts and theoretical and practical questions of the course.
  1. The coaches who participate in the World Skate Rink Hockey International certification training program will receive all the technical information of the course. During the course, each professor will provide the corresponding academic documentation. At the end of the course there will be a session of clarification of doubts and evaluation (theoretical and practical) to verify if all the information has been understood correctly.

  2. Only those coaches who pass the final evaluation will obtain the official certification of World Skate International Coach:
    LEVEL 1: World Skate International Coach
    LEVEL 2: Advanced World Skate International Coach
    LEVEL 3: Elite World Skate International Coach

This year course is articulated in 5 lessons - from April 16 to May 14 for the morning classes and from April 18 to May 16 for the afternoon classes. 

Attendees can choose between morning or afternoon courses. Registrations can be done only through National Federations.

More info HERE

Speakers - alphabetical order

Paco GonzálezPaco González (Spain)

Paco has graduated in Physical Education from the INEF of Barcelona. He has graduated as National Rink Hockey coach for the Spanish Federation. Paco is a Physical Education teacher in two different schools in Spain. He also became a level 3 Teacher of “Rink Hockey Goalkeeping Training” for the Spanish Skating Federation and a level 1, 2 and 3 Teacher for the Italian Skating Federation. He has been a speaker for different conferences and seminars at national and international level (Portugal, Italy, France, Germany). Currently he is teaching the Spanish, Italian and Catalan Skating Federations and he works as a Technical Director and Coach at Mollet H.C and as a Coach of Base and Performance Goalkeepers.
Disciplines: GoalKeeping I: Initiation


Ricard Muñoz

Ricard Muñoz (Spain)

Ricard has been a Rink Hockey player and coach. He graduated as National Rink Hockey coach for the Spanish Federation. With extensive experience in the Rink Hockey sector, he has previously served as a teacher and coach in several companies in different countries. Among the most prestigious, he has been the coach of FC Barcelona, and is currently the National Women's Roller Hockey Coach. In addition, Ricard as a decent has participated as Speaker in different International courses of Rink Hockey, Speaker in the INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR of Rink Hockey in Barcelona 2019, training course in Mendaza and San Juan (Argentina) at the national level (2018), among many other courses.
Disciplines: Technique I: Initiation - Tactic I: Initiation


Joaquim PaulsJoaquim Paüls (Spain)

Quim has been a Rink Hockey player and coach. Considered one of the best Rink Hockey players in the world in the eighties, he spent his entire career as a player at FC Barcelona. He was also the undisputed starter with the Spanish Rink Hockey team, with which he played a total of 87 games, and won a World Cup and three European championships. As a coach, he has also spent most of his career linked to FC Barcelona. In addition, he has been the Technical Director of the different sports modalities of the RFEP. Quim, at the teaching level, has been as Speaker in congress of psychology applied to sport, (team sports), Professor of the national course of the RFEP (tactical technical subject), Coordinator of the National Courses of the RFEP, Coordinator in the INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR of Rink Hockey in Barcelona 2019, training course in Bogotá (Colombia) at the national level (2018), among many other courses.

Discipline: Didactic of Skating


Oscar Valverde (Spain)Oscar Valverde

Oscar Valverde has tied as a Referee in the Spanish Federation for more than 20 years. He is actually the Head of Referees of the Spanish Skating Federation. In 1989, he began his career as Regional Referee of Catalonia and year after year he rose to become an International Referee in 2004.

Oscar has participated as Main International Referee in 3 Rink Hockey World Championships (Argentina, China and Barcelona), 1 Final of the Men's Absolute World Championship (Barcelona), 1 Final of the Men's Absolute European Championship (Portugal), 13 Copa del Rey Spanish Finals - Absolute Male, among many other events.

In addition, Oscar as a decent has participated as Coordinator in the INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR of Rink Hockey in Barcelona 2019, Coordinator of the RFEP Refereeing Department (2018-2019), Training Course for Referees of Colombia (2013-2015-2019), Coordinator of referees in the CUP OF THE NATIONS, Montreaux - SWITZERLAND and Coordinator of referees in the INTERCONTINENTAL COPA of San Juan 2018 (ARGENTINA).

Discipline: Rink Hockey Regulation I