FIRS announces the International Rules of Roller Derby

Roller Derby

We are pleased to announce the public availability of the first edition of the International Rules of Roller Derby. These rules will be used in all official competitions under the Olympic Movement, including the rules for the 2017 World Roller Games and future events in which the sport gets accepted as a discipline.

We acknowledge that most teams at this moment play under different rules, but we have observed first hand that the small differences between rulesets represent an easy transition for officials and athletes. We firmly believe that the new International Rules promote a safe and dynamic version of the sport that will help grow the visibility of roller derby to a broad range of audiences worldwide.
The materials included with the rules touch on the principles used to create the rules and on the main differences between the International Rules of Roller Derby and other existing rulesets. We hope that these materials can help the community understand the objectives and philosophy of the rules, as well as the tangible differences that will be present while playing at a FIRS-sanctioned tournament.
In the upcoming months, we will be organizing educational clinics in several locations worldwide to make sure that participants have the appropriate knowledge and exposure to the International Rules. These clinics will contain classroom and on-skate sections, including theory and situational training with knowledgeable trainers. The clinics will contain educational components on and off skates for players, coaches and officials. In addition, we will also hold online seminars and practice tests to get people familiar with the rules at their own pace.