WRG2019 - Alpine: Germany gets two more golds


The Alpine competition has ended this Friday with two more world titles for Germany. The last Parallel Slalom race has ended with the triumph of Manuel Zorlein, in the men's category, and Manuela Schmohl, in women, with which the German delegation says goodbye to the WRG Barcelona 2019 with nine first places out of ten possible in Alpine .

Only the Latvian Miks Zvejnieks, in the Giant Slalom competition, has been able to break the hegemony of Germany, which has reaped a total of 9 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze medals. In addition, their skaters have achieved all the positions of the podium with the logical exception of the team competition, which they also won.

In the Parallel Slalom race held today on Friday at Parc de Montjuïc-Passeig del Migdia circuit, Zorlein has beaten the Latvian Zvejnieks. In the first round, the German has managed to win by only 0.30 seconds and in the second, Zvejnieks has fallen. Sven Ortel has obtained the bronze medal at the expense of the Polish Michal Styrylski.

In women, Manuela Schmohl has beaten Claudia Wittmann in two sets, while Ann-Krystina Wanzke has been third. With her victory, Schmohl has achieved the first gold in the WRG2019, which the other two German skaters had already achieved the previous days.

FOTO: N. Olano/WRG