WRG 2019 - Men Vert Skateboarding Finals


The finals of the official World Championships of Vert Skateboarding Men Division took place under the beautiful sky of Catalonia at the Olympic Park of Barcelona. In the late afternoon the best Riders came together one last time to find out who is the Number 1! In a few words: Gnarliest action! Incredible tricks like the 900, full speed Lipslides, beautiful 720s, Rocket Airs and technical specialities like BS Nollie Shuvit Heelflip BS Grab head high were performed with easiness. World Skate Top Vert Skateboard Judges had hard times to evaluate - this could be seen as there is just less than 5 Points difference between the first and the fourth place (Alessandro Mazzara, ITA). World Skate is honored to congratulate the new World Champion Edouard Damestoy (FRA), the Vice Champion Rony Gomes (BRA) and the well deserved third placed Augusto Aiko Takahashi Dos Santos (BRA) for their respective placements. 

Sabatino Aracu, President of World Skate, took the chance and handed out the Medals. As he says, it is always special to see the best Riders of the world ripping hard and on the edge of human possibilities, pushing the wall of possibilities a little further each time they drop in. this historic but yet highly dynamic discipline emphasizes modern skateboarding in a nutshell. He didn’t want to miss the chance to congratulate these exceptional riders for their incredible performance. 

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Photo Credits: Piero Capannini