WRG 2019 - Downhill Skateboarding Time Trial


Over the last few days we have witnessed the speed and the passion of Downhill Skateboarding here at Montjuic in Barcelona. World Roller Games 2019 had the pleasure to host one of the oldest disciplines of skateboarding and on of the fastest! Speed, technique and materials need to be a perfect combination to make it to the top and the battle for the first place was heavy. Between the first and the third place was only 0.342 (Men) and 2.015 (Women) seconds difference! Even if the track was a bit shorter than usual - the speed was there! Thrilling moments and at the end we have a podium. World Skate congratulates the Riders for their exceptional performance: 


1) Rodriguez Oscar (ESP) con un tempo di 45.764

2) Yanis Markarian (FRA) con un tempo di 45.812

3) Hanna Dane (CAN) con un tempo di 45.889



1) Pross Emily (USA) con un tempo di 47.377 

2) Mallmann Pacheco Vitoria (BRA) con un tempo di 46.163

3) Lyde Begue (FRA) con un tempo di 49.392


At this WRG 2019 World Skate had the pleasure to welcome more than 140 Riders from over 40 Countries to compete in their discipline under the sun of Catalonia. This was the first time and these are the first official medals and for sure not the last one!


Full results

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Photo: Fabio Spalvieri