The very first transportable speed track ever is the legacy of the World Roller Games to Barcelona

A unique track is already under construction, this is the first time that a mobile facility will have been built. Located on asphalt pavement of 12.000m², the oval track will have a perimeter of 200 meters.

Speed is one the disciplines that will attract the most attention during the World Roller Games, that will take place in Barcelona from the 4th to the 14th of July 2019. Proximity to the public will be one of its biggest attractions, since it will be spread around many venues in the Heart of the Condal City: Passeig de Gràcia/Avinguda Diagonal, Avinguda Maria Cristina and Front Marítim will be their spectacular scenarios. The latter location is where the speed track is being built: one of the most important legacies that the WRG2019 will leave to the Catalan Capital.

Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Ronda Litoral, next to the Parc del Forum, the Front Marítim Speed Track will be a unique facility in Barcelona. An ideal scenario to the competition and to the leisure of the citizens that is also unique in the world, considering that it will be the first ephemeral speed track to be built.

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Characteristics and space
Situated in an asphalt pavement of 147x80 meters, in an approximately total of 12.000m², the oval track will have a 200 meter perimeter. The competition venue will have a commercial and food court areas, exclusive zones to the athletes and coaching staff, warm up area and press center.
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The works on the track have begun in the end of March and are going according to the deadline set by the World Roller Games Organization. The end of the first phase, that consists of conditioning and asphalting the area, is scheduled for mid-April. The assembly of the surface of the track on this base will take place one month before the event.

The speed track, whose responsibility is of a Catalan company, is transportable, and can be moved to a different location for training and competitions. In this sense, its next location could be the High Performance Center of Sant Cugat.

Competition and calendar
In the new Front Maritim track, many of the Speed competitions will take place between the 7th to 9th of July. Specifically, there will be the following World Roller Games competitions in both men’s and women’s categories:

200 m Dual Time Trial
500 m +D Sprint
1.000 m Sprint
3.000 m Relays
10.000 m Elimination
10.000 m Points + Elimination

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