Barcelona presents Will: the 2019 WRG Mascote

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Named Will, from the wheel he belongs to, he combines action and passion towards his mission: discover and inspire! His groundbreaking look and strong personality will make him one of Barcelona’s best-known characters this summer.

The 2019 WRG mascot, has been officially announced: Designed by the Galician creative Anxo Amarelle, Will is the result of combining action and passion, or in other words, uniting a wheel and a heart. Beneath his robotic body, he displays a modern and technological look. This original and striking mascot for Barcelona 2019 is bursting with energy to undertake two major tasks: to discover and to inspire.

To discover from the emotion expressed by small wheel sports and the spirit of the athletes who will take part in the World Championships from June 29 to July 14 which are set to convert Barcelona into the roller sports capital.

Will, their representative, will help fans to learn more about the eleven disciplines that form part of the WRG 2019. A world made up of the hard work, improvement, rebellion, struggle, adventure, dedication, action, delicacy and emotion of all those who practice it. A vibrant, innovative and cosmopolitan event that will bring together nearly 4,000 athletes from around the world.

Will also wants to inspire and transmit his passion for the sport to everyone. For this modern mascot is not only designed to be able to practice all roller sports, skating is also his way of life.

So Will is not a disposable mascot, but has been imbued with a very special character. His mission is to provide greater visibility to the World Roller Games 2019 to help this event reach a large number of people. His groundbreaking image and strong personality will undoubtedly make him one of Barcelona’s best-known characters this summer.

Let's have a chat with Will!

Will! How would you describe yourself?
I’m pure energy. My batteries are always charged! I think I have a big heart and lots of passion, just like the athletes who are set to compete in the WRG 2019 and dedicate their lives to roller sports. I love to go skating through life.

What do you expect from the WRG Barcelona 2019?
I expect fun, hard work and a great show. The Games are returning stronger than ever this year. The disciplines are different, but the roller skaters all share the same thing: passion. If this is combined with hard work, they will surely go far.

What about you, Will, how far do you want to go?
The word “surrender” is not in my vocabulary. I want to continue, grow and evolve. I want to inspire and motivate roller skaters, share their spirit and help Barcelona become a major roller sports capital. And why not... I even want to become as famous as was my big idol: COBI in Barcelona 1992 [laughs].