WSG Argentina: Artistic, Shiric, Quartermax and CPA Tona are the World Championship!


The crowds packed into America Pavilion to see the incredible and showstopping disciplines of Junior Precision, Junior Quarter and Small Group.

For the first time in history Junior Precision and Junior Quartet competed on the global stage at the 66th World Championship for Artistic Skating. The teams delighted with their enthusiasm and energy and extreme technical difficulty and innovative elements.

In Precision up to 16 skaters compete in each group. With seven demanding elements in the Junior Precision category it was a fight for every point to see what flag would end up on top of the podium.

In a heated battle to take the honor of the first ever World Champion in Junior Precision it was host country Argentina that triumphed. Shiric captured first place with 54.70 total points. Skating with speed and fluidity to the music Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, Shiric delighted the audience and took their place on top of the podium with their high level of difficulty, variety and good floor coverage. Sincro Roller of Italy won the Silver Medal. To the music of Eluveitie/Nightwish, with their fast style and engagement they captured 52.20 total points. Winning the Bronze Medal was Monza Precision Team of Italy with 51.06 total points to the music of Queen.

  1. Shiric, ARG 54.70
  2. Sincro Roller, ITA 52.20
  3. Monza Precision Team, ITA 51.06 Junior Quartets premiered for the first time at the World Championship. Even though there are four skaters in Quartet it is important for the skaters to move as a group versus individual skaters. Expression, theme and performance all matter in this unique event.

Winning the first ever Gold Medal of Junior Quartet is Quartexmar of Spain. They thrilled the crowd with their dramatic style, fast moving elements and innovative lifts with L’Amour. Earning the Silver Medal is Alter Ego of Italy. They performed Joya’ with fast paced style, wonderful extension and control. Clover of Spain won the Bronze Medal. Clover had a beautiful and fluid style with every moment.

  1. Quartexmar, ESP 116.700
  2. Alter Ego, ITA 114.200
  3. Clover, ESP 111.500

Finishing up the night were the Small Groups. Between 6-12 skaters can be in each Small Group. Originality and group technique and difficulty play a huge part in this spectacular event.

In a dramatic and sensational Small Group event the skill was high and the creativity was beautiful and the competition fierce. The new World Champion is CPA Tona of Spain. The Gold Medalists performed Artistic Project with intensity and dynamic elements. Winning the Silver Medal was Deja Vu from Italy. With impressive coverage they performed I Am No Man. CPA Gondomar of Spain earned the Bronze Medal with their beautiful performance.

  1. CPA Tona, ESP 130.200
  2. Deja Vu, ITA 129.600
  3. CPA Gondomar, ESP 123.300

The original choreography, mesmerizing elements and the dramatic skating made it a night to remember. For the Junior Precision and Junior Quartet teams they put their names down as the first in history to win the World Championship to win their events.

Sunday is the final day of Artistic Skating events for the 2022 World Skate Games with Precision, Senior Quartet and Large Group. Competition starts at 16.25 ART at America Pavilion at Youth Olympic Park.

Credit photo: Raniero Corbelletti

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