WSG Argentina: Speed, good first take!


At its debut, inline speed skating, started immediately with some twists. Colombia came as favorite, but the other countries played their game to bring home some medals.

The parabolic track of Vicente Lopez was the perfect framework for today’s races, where 8 titles were up for grabs.

200mt DUAL TT

In the Junior Ladies, Ivonne Nochez Gallardo from El Salvador won an incredible, but so well-deserved gold medal for her country. History was made, as it was the first gold medal for El Salvador at a World Championships. Spain with Ruth Arza and Colombia with Luciana Salas Torres must be satisfied with silver and bronze.

In Junior Men, Colombian Jhon Holguin won the time trial, followed by Italy Riccardo Ceola. After two years Korea, came back to compete internationally and Yongchan Cho won the bronze medal.

For the Senior Ladies, at her debut in the category, Sheila Munoz won the gold medal in front of Asja Varani for just 0.02. Third place for Colombia with Kerstinck Sarmiento.

And Jhoan Guzman is the new World Champion in Senior Men with an incredible performance! Followed by Steven Villegas and Elton De Souza.    


🥇 Ivonne Nochez Gallardo El Salvador 19.727

🥈 Ruth Arza Spain 19.890

🥉 Luciana Salas Torres Colombia 19.980


🥇 Jhon Tascon Holguin Colombia 18.300

🥈 Riccardo Ceola Italy 18.300

🥉 Yongchan Cho Republic Of Korea 18.743



🥇 Sheila Muñoz Colombia 19.457

🥈 Asja Varani Italy 19.474

🥉 Kerstinck Sarmiento Colombia 19.554



🥇 Jhoan Guzman Spain

🥈 Steven Villegas Colombia

🥉 Elton De Souza France


More and more, the Team play is the most important factor in a race and in the Junior category Team Colombia showed their hegemony.

In Junior Ladies, from the first laps the pace was super fast, and the battle between Colombia, Ecuador and China Taipei, made the race.

The race in Junior Men, also started very fast. Only few could stay in the main group and the Colombian duo Sebastian Florez and Pablo Felipe Marin Serrano, took gold and silver.

Special mention for Argentina who made Top 10 and sparked the cheering of the home audience.


For the Senior Ladies, with the experience of Luz Karime Garzon, Gabriela Rueda added another World title to her curriculum, even though Gabriela Vargas from Ecuador and Marine Lefeuvre from France, made the race very interesting and not easy for the Colombian girls.

The last race of the day gave us a great show. From the very beginning the pace was just crazy due to the double elimination. 

Colombian, Juan Mantilla y Andreas Gomez raced as the main actors of the race. But in the last lap, contacts and change of direction, made the judges decide for the disqualification of the two.

Finally, Martin Ferrie from France is the new World Champion of the elimination race.


🥇 Luna Vargas Rodríguez Colombia 17

🥈 Fernanda Moncada Ecuador 16

🥉 Pei-Yu Shih Chinese Taipei 13


🥇 Sebastián Florez Colombia 24

🥈 Pablo Felipe Marin Serrano Colombia 11

🥉 Kevin Fourneret France 8


🥇 Gabriela Rueda Colombia

🥈 Luz Karime Garzon Arboleda Colombia

🥉 Marine Lefeuvre France


🥇 Martin Ferrie France

🥈 Jorge Bolaños Ecuador

🥉 Doucelin Pedicone France

Tomorrow October 30th, 500mt and elimination race are up for Junior, and 1000mt and point+elimination for Senior.

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Photo Credit: L.Ramirez

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October 29th