WSG Argentina: Speed, Colombia leads the medal table. Suttles is the king of the point race


Second day on the road and the athletes start to become familiar with the circuit. 15k elimination for Junior and 10k points for Senior were on schedule.

Colombia wins 3 out of 4 races, confirming the leading position in the discipline.


The elimination race is the longest race on the circuit. From the second half, Alice Marletti of Italy was quite generous, leading most of the race. Saving energy for the final sprint is a must and Luna Vargas from Colombia took advantage of the situation and sprinted in the final to grab her gold medal. Alice was second and third place for France with Aubane Plouhinec.

Skaters were involved in some crushes in the Junior men race. The center of the group is always busy, and especially in the elimination race can be tricky.

Juan David Rodriguez and Pablo Felipe Marin from Colombia confirmed their supremacy winning gold and silver.


🥇 Luna Vargas Rodríguez Colombia

🥈 Alice Marletti Italy

🥉 Aubane Plouhinec France


🥇 Juan David Rodríguez Chamorro Colombia

🥈 Pablo Felipe Marin Serrano Colombia

🥉 Manuel Taibo Spain



Breakaways were the protagonist of the points races. In Senior Ladies, the race started with China Taipei Yu Hsin Chang and Gabriela Rueda, Colombia, escaping from the peloton.

The group reacted few laps later and reached them, but Gabriela just kept gaining points. Fourteen skaters took points on this race, but the gold medal went to Gabriela.

Senior men’s race was a real proof of strength and endurance. From the start, the Poland duo went on a breakaway, but once reached by the peloton, to keep going must have been too hard. After them, another couple escape form the group. This time is Patxi Peula from Spain and Raul Pedraza form Chile. They took several points, but for Patxi was an effort too hard and got lapped and so eliminated.

The third and winning breakaway was from Jason Suttle and Juan Mantilla. Jason gained 24 points and Juan 13. Third place for Raul Pedraza who with an incredible effort managed to not get lapped!



🥇 Gabriela Rueda Colombia 26

🥈 Yu Hsin Chang Chinese Taipei 7

🥉 Fabriana Arias Colombia 7


🥇 Jason Suttels Belgium 24

🥈 Juan Mantilla Colombia 13

🥉 Raul Pedraza Chile 10

Tomorrow is the last day on the road circuit with the drag race of 100mt. An incredible show of power!

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Photo Credit: Luis Ramirez

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