Introducing our World Skate Facilities Department whose main task is to provide the cities all over the world with a 360° support in the development of skate facilities, including the issuance of a World Skate Certification ensuring the top quality of the facilities and allowing cities to organize national and international official events and competitions

Tokyo 2020
Olympic Games

Skatepark project supervised and certified by World Skate


World Skate presents a new skatepark certification. From a basic 1 star to a maximum 5-star Olympic level certification ensures the quality in design, construction for any project. To be able to have a World Skate Certified skatepark facility the project needs to comply with the Skatepark Certification Rules and Guidelines


The Next

The “NEXT GENERATION” skateparks and facilities stand for sustainable high quality skatepark design and construction. The introduction of a new quality certification for skateparks will create a “NEXT GENERATION” skate facilities that comply with the best leisure and competition level design and construction. This ensures the projects quality and also creates a new generation of skateparks around the world that are well used and complement the cities, the skaters and the sport

How WE CANHelp You

World Skate Facilities Department can help your city in the development of a Next Generation Skatepark Facility by:

  • Consultation, coaching and advice on any part of the project
  • Review your design and construction to see if it can be certified by the World Skate certification rules and guidelines
  • Support with or managing the tender process
  • Offering a ‘turn key’ delivery by managing the complete development process and certification in close communication with your project team.

If your city has any plans entailing the construction of skateparks for competition or leisure purposes (or both), World Skate is at your disposal to provide professional support to your ambitions.

For information about how we can assist your project please send your message or request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information you can download our brochure here

The Skatepark Certification Rules can be downloaded here

Mr. Jerry Bekkers, our Director of the World Skate Facilities Department will be monitoring your request.





The "NEXT GENERATION" skate facilities initiative incorporates the certification of speed track facilities as a pivotal measure to align with international standards essential for hosting international events. For a speed track to achieve this certification, it should feature a resin coating or a surface- cycle product that falls under the Class 1 (in ternational competition) category.

You can find the certification protocol for the resin coating here.

You can find the certified finishing systems for skating sport flooring in the following table:


At applicazioni srls Atp roller system Concrete Class – 1 * 17/02/25
At applicazioni srls Atp roller system Asphalt Class – 1 * 17/02/25
Casali spa Rollertop pro coating Concrete Class – 1 * 17/02/25
Casali spa Rollertop pro coating Asphalt Class – 1 * 17/02/25
Courtsol Courtsol worldchamp roller system Concrete Class – 1 * 17/02/25
Courtsol Courtsol worldchamp roller system Asphalt Class – 1 * 17/02/25
Vesmaco Durflex 101 sp roller professional Concrete Class – 1 * 17/02/25
Vesmaco Durflex 101 sp roller professional Asphalt Class – 1 * 17/02/25
*Class 1 refers to the International Competition class certification.