Paris 2024


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Qualification System

The qualification system will be based on World Skateboarding Rankings maintained by World Skate. Skateboarders will earn points by competing in World Skate sanctioned events during the Olympic qualifying period beginning June 22 , 2022 and ending June 23, 2024 .


Skateboarder from around the world will be able to accrue points for the World Skateboarding Ranking competing in officially sanctioned World Skate events. Points will be awarded for the different level events.


The following is a list of events sanctioned by World Skate to be part of the PARIS 2024 Olympic qualification system


WST: Sharjah Street 2024

14th of June/21st of January 2024
WST: Street World Championship Japan 2023

10th of December/17th of December 2023


WST: Sharjah Park 2024

7th of June/14th of January 2024 

Olympic World Skateboarding Ranking

Click HERE to check the updated Olympic World Skateboarding Ranking


World Skate International has established an International Skateboard Judging Commission (ISJC) to create an official skateboarding judging criteria and system.

The committee is made up of a diverse group of National Federation and Sport Organizer skateboard judging experts.

The aim of the ISJC is to standardize skateboarding judging criteria ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics based on what is universally agreed and accepted in current skateboarding competitions.

Click HERE for the updated World Skate Judging Criteria

Olympic Skateparks

World Skate supports the idea of Skateparks being unique in design thus enhancing progress and creativity of Skateboarding. For this reason World Skate will not release any official Skatepark Designs for the Olympic competitions.

Instead, World Skate will disclose criteria and examples enabling Skatepark designers to create Skateparks matching the Olympic standard.