WADA has produced a series 15-second video clips to help drive its ‘Say NO! To Doping’ awareness campaign.
The four short clips will be broadcast at WADA events and during WADA presentations up to and including during the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Johannesburg in November 2013.
The clips, designed to reinforce the sporting concept of fair play and integrity, are also available to stakeholders to utilize for their own awareness initiatives. Available in English and in French, the clips can be viewed on WADA’s Digital Library and on WADA’s YouTube channel.
WADA hopes that the clips will be used as widely as possible to deliver the message that success in the sporting arena can only be achieved through hard work, dedication, respect for your fellow competitors, and respect for the rules of sport.
The Say NO! To Doping Campaign has been embraced by more than 40 anti-doping organizations for their awareness and education programs.

There are also a number of anti-doping quizzies that can be accessed on the WADA webpage under education and resources. They are great educational tools for athletes of all ages. Give them a go

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