World Skate Academy



The World Skate Academy is a project created by WORLD SKATE to upgrade its NGBs’ education and development programs.

World Skate Academy main goals:

  • Judge and referee training to raise the level of international competition
  • Supporting World Skate NGBs’ training plans
  • Teaching World Skate sport from introduction through the competitive level for athletes and coaches

World Skate Academy educational plans:

  • Coach/Skate Instructor Courses (on line and on site)
  • Judge/Referee Courses (on line and on site)

Coaches/Skate Instructors Courses

Worldwide we will train a team of Coaches and Skate Instructors with a common technical know-how.

Thanks to continuous updates, our Coaches will master basic to high level skills, including information that can apply to elite athletes participating at the highest level of competition.

Skate Instructors have been trained and educated to promote the values and the technical aspects of their sports in their region, on a basic technical level and as skate fitness trainers.

Judges/Referees Courses

Only World Skate Academy judges and referees will receive an international license allowing them to judge sanctioned competitions. Refresher courses will be available.

Info about the courses


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