2017 FIRS Roller Games: work in progress

World Skate
World Skate

Intense working days last week in Firs headquarter because of the one to one “skype meetings” between the President Sabatino Aracu and the Chairmen of each discipline in order to plan the 2017 Roller Games' calendar.

The idea to discuss with the Chairmen well in advance all the organizing aspects of the different Championships for the creation of the best format for the most important World event for Roller Sports means for Firs a professional way to look ahead doing something stimulating and useful for all disciplines.
Organizing in time the schedule for such a big event means for all the people involved a perfect organization of the own discipline at least one year before and saving a lot of money organizing the own trip in advance..
With the belief that Roller Games will be a great opportunity for everyone of us in terms of sporting development, all the Chairmen with their own Committee are now working hard to support Firs organization to find the best solutions in terms of technical aspects and scheduling including also some extra activities focused on the magnificence of our Sports.