Wishing you an even more extraordinary 2018


Dear friends,

2017 has been an amazing year indeed!


So many of our dreams came true: first of all, the Roller Games and the Olympic Games! Everything is real: we fought hard and skated towards objectives that we thought were unimaginable and now that we reached the end of this year, we have so many reasons to be thankful.

The City of Nanjing hosted the very first edition of the World Roller Games. Our strong point has always been bringing together sports that have so many differences but at the same time share one common passion - everybody loves wheels - and the WRG highlighted this strength in an exciting 2-weeks event that is just a forerunner of the 2019 edition in Barcellona.

And, of course, we must be proud to count two of our disciplines in the Olympic Programme: Speed Skating in the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Skateboarding in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo (Japan).

Last but not the least, in the last FIRS Congress we welcomed the newly-born World Skate, that will surely unite us under a modern Federation projected towards the future.

I invite you to have look to our Season's greetings video ( and to share it all over the world.

I wish you and your families an even more extraordinary 2018!


Sabatino Aracu

World Skate President