Walking together on a new path


Dear friends,

This long awaited first edition of the Roller Games has come to an end and I would like to share with you my impressions on this experience that will surely leave its mark on our Roller history.

Nanjing has accepted the challenge of staging a multi-sport event with 65 nations and 7 venues, assigning more than 100 world titles for 10 different disciplines and television coverage for over 300 hours: this numbers alone indicate the magnitude of this event that we were able to organize with your help. Personalities coming from the international sporting world, Ministries of Sports, worldwide media outlets have all directed their attention on our world: we are sure that the next edition in Barcelona will receive unimaginable interest.

Xiè Xiè Nanjing!

During these years our Federation has undergone a change of epic proportions and the Roller Games are just the tip of the iceberg of this transformation: until last year we were fighting to become an Olympic Federation and now we have two discipline in the Olympic programme.

The change of our denomination to “World Skate”, approved by the FIRS Congress, officially enshrines the new path that our Family will "skate" in the next years.

The passion for Skating Sports that bind us together is our strength. As it happens in the Olympics, for the first time we had in “Club France”, “Casa Italia” or “Casa España” the chance of experiencing the soul of our World: different disciplines with a single message #EveryBodyLovesWheels.

Hasta luego en Barcelona!

A hug to you all

Sabatino Aracu