A new communication strategy


Dear friends in sport, Our sports season is about to start and here in Rome, helped out by the Secretariat staff and by the FIRS Secretary General, Dr. Roberto Marotta, I finally set up the strategy for the upcoming months, which I shall briefly describe in the following lines.

Needless to say, 99% of our resources are dedicated to our main goal, the IOC recognition as Olympic Sport. Tiime is flying and the 2009 IOC Session in Copenhagen shall be The Place where our future shall be decided, so, time is up for all of us, let’s make it real now…
From April 22nd till 27th, Dr. Marotta and I shall be in Beijing, attending the important meeting SPORTACCORD. In conjunction with this meeting we shall attend the GAISF General Assembly seizing this opportunity to meet over 60 IOC members from all over the world.
The sports Gotha shall be gathered in Beijing, there is no other place in the world in 2007 offering same opportunities for lobbying and talk about our potentials as brand new worldwide practiced sports.
I am confident there will be a chance to meet the President of the IIHF, Mr René Fasel, whom I will ask justifications for his federation (belonging to Ice sports) organizing events universally recognized as UNDER THE JURIDICTION of FIRS, governing body for roller sports. This matter shall in any case find a solution in the next days.

You might have noticed the recent malfunction of the FIRS webtv. This is a problem which shall soon be solved and it is due to a natural evolution of this multimedia service. I am glad to inform you that in a very short time the ROLLER TV shall be available directly upon the website, with enhanced multimedial contents, powered by a high potential server.

I seize this opportunity to remind you that  is the platform upon which FIRS shall broadcast live and high quality videos from the most important rollersports event, and that includes also any good quality video coming from our national federations, related to national or international events held in each country, so please: give your contribution to shape the worldwide face of modern rollersports and send video materials to the FIRS Secretariat in Rome, so that they can be published on the official website.

Hon. Sabatino Aracu
FIRS President