Enjoy the Roller World


Dear friens of, I am excited and proud to present "Roller World”, the new movie that FIRS has realized to introduce the world of roller sports. It is the first time for a video, that represents in a high professional way all the disciplines we love.

The movie "Roller For Olympics", presented to the IOC last year, caused great excitement both in our world and during the presentations done in Lausanne to promote our Olympic dream.

It was at that time, that I realized the importance of having an appropriate instrument of high quality, which could transmit, even to those who do not belong to the roller world, the beauty, charm and appeal of our disciplines; so the movie "Roller World" is born: you can see it on the home page of the web site, on "Roller TV" and on YouTube.

We will present it at Sportaccord, which this year will be held in Dubai: it will be projected on the screens in the lobby of the hotel hosting the convention and in each of the rooms occupied by more than 1500 delegates from all over the world of sport and media.

I'm sure, that seeing it, all will appreciate the values and emotions that the roller world can transmit.

The movie was conceived, to be both a complete presentation of roller skating and a formidable tool for the promotion and valorisation of each discipline and of their own features.

In the coming days, all our national federation will receive a DVD with this movie. I ask you to consider the movie "Roller World" as a promotional tool, that you can use to bring to your Federations sponsors, media and other institutions. I ask you to distribute it and let it known, because sometimes, the images are able to convey the charm and beauty of our world better than a thousand words.

Enjoy it! 

A warm sport hug to all of you

Sabatino Aracu