Universiade: Roller Sports join the Games from 2017


After receiving recognition from the FISU, we will participate in the 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei and from 2018 in the World University Championships

Dear Friends, During these following days we have completed a significant step forward towards the consecration of Roller Sports...

among the disciplines of international prominence; from 2017 we will join the world of the Universiade!
In fact, following a 2 years assessment phase, the FISU (Fédération Internationale Du Sport Universitaire) has finally included the Roller Sports in the programme of the World University Championships.
This actually leads to the organization from 2018 of our first World University Roller Speed Skating Championship that will be assigned to one of the three countries whose Federations have officially submitted their hosting candidature (Chinese Taipei, Philippines and China) and with the participation, as optional sport, in the Summer Universiade that will be held in Chinese Taipei in 2017.
The selection process has been very hard because the minimum requirements were substantial (at least the acceptance of 30 National Federations and 20 National University Sports Federations) but at the end everything worked out, chalking up another success towards our objective of having Roller Sports in the Olympic Programme!
After our incredible adventure in Nanjing – where our Athletes, with their passion and sportive competence, have been the protagonists and Ambassadors of the Roller World in the Youth Olympic Games and its first edition of the SportsLab – and the recent inclusion the University Championships, we are finally starting to get the results of the great promotional work carried out during these past few years by the FIRS together with all its National Federations. I welcome this opportunity to extend my gratitude to them.
The path leading to our Olympic objective is still long but the sequence of international rewards and the precise achieving of the objectives that the Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports had set at the beginning of this engaging run towards the Olympics, are making us really confident.
The whole sports field knows that Roller Sports have both the technical and brand requirements that can strike not only the insiders but also and above all the media and the increasingly widespread audience of aficionados that appreciate and get excited for the spectacular quality and the emotions that only our disciplines can arouse.
This is our strength, and these are the reasons that are driving us towards the 5 Olympic rings.
We finally can see the Olympic finish line, with just a little more effort we won’t miss this chance!

A warm hug,

Sabatino Aracu

FIRS President