Gifted Skateboarder and Coach Development: World Skate High-Performance Camp @ Woodward West, California.

We're thrilled to share highlights from World Skate's recent High-Performance Camp at Woodward West in the breathtaking Tehachapi mountains of California. This gathering epitomized the fusion of two critical components of our program generously supported by Olympic Solidarity. At the heart of this initiative lies the Youth Athlete Development (YAD) endeavor and the Women In Sport High Performance Pathway (WISH) scholarship.

This program aims to unearth and nurture skateboarding talents that surpass the resources available in their home environments. We were honored to host skateboarders from Peru, Senegal, Myanmar, Thailand, Morocco, Colombia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Zambia, Chile, and Mozambique. Throughout the camp, our focus wasn't just on skill enhancement but also on fostering a love for the sport and ensuring a memorable experience for all participants.

Konwit Ketkeao Nose Blunt WSK WISH YAD CAMP 2023 Landi

Central to the coaching aspect were three remarkable individuals from the IOC-backed Women In Sport High Performance Pathway (WISH) scholarship. Eva Niedzielska, Melissa Williams, and Lea Schairer spearheaded the camp's curriculum, with invaluable support from mentors Alain Goikoetxea and Neal Mims.

Jazmin Alvarez YAD Wish Camp World Skate Landi 1

Our attendees didn't just benefit from Woodward West's top-tier facilities; they also embarked on enriching road trips to Encinitas' Poods Skatepark, Linda Vista Skatepark and the California Skateparks Training Facility near San Diego.

Martin Jaque YAD Wish Camp World Skate Landi 1

See how Juan Carlos Polania, Martin Jaque, Aya Asaqas, Brigitte Morales, Nyimas ‘Bunga’ Cinta, Htet Myant Naing, Konwit Ketkaeo, Jazmín Álvarez, Cindy Lou Serna, Noel Cossa, Mukuka Chande, Karim Keita and Deivid Tuesta got along as Skateboard Coaching Development Manager James Karageorgiou talks to us about what the potential for this initiative could really look like- not just within skateboarding, but beyond.

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Enjoy the video up top and stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards excellence in skateboarding development.