IOC approved rule changes for skateboarding qualification season 2

Hello friends,

As we move forward together towards season 2 and ultimately the Olympics in 2021, we have been working diligently on the skateboarding qualification path to Tokyo.

With the ultimate goal of making as few changes as possible, World Skate has spent our quarantine adapting season 2 in the qualification system to our new reality. Part of that process has been adjusting the rules to accommodate moving the Olympics to 2021 and to mitigate the effects the global pandemic has had on getting skateboarders qualified for the Olympics. At this time the rule changes have officially been approved by the IOC Executive Board.

An important note to make about the changes is that all results already achieved will be preserved and that changes were only made in relation to the pandemic. No changes were made to the event tiering system and no changes were made to the quota system.

- Season 2 will be extended through June 29th, 2021. This give us the maximum amount of time and flexibility to hold qualification events.

- Four events from season 2 will count towards the World Skate Ranking.

- National Championship scores added to the world skate rankings quarterly.

- Continental championship scores will be added to the WSR once all events have been held.

To see the full rules change document, please click here: Skateboarding Qualification System Tokyo 2020.