Day ten: Italy smashes the marks system and gets 9 medals


It has been raining medals all day long here in France at the Artistic Skating World Championships. Italy smashed the marks system with nine medals. Entire Podium in Senior Ladies Free Skating for Italy with Nemesi-Ghiroldi Lambruschi. In Senior Men category first step of the podium for Luca Lucaroni, second place for Pere Marsinyach Torrico from Spain and then Italy again with Alessandro Amadesi. In Couples Dance Junior category Italy imposes itself with gold and silver medals (Testoni-Piccolantonio and Benedetto-Garbolino), followed by Kellis-Kuan from the USA. Same story in Senior Couples Dance where the golden one goes to Remondini-Morandin, followed by Stibilj-Bassi. Third position for Lopes Dias-Alves Cruz from Portugal.

SENIOR MEN AND LADIES. Wonderful competition for the Italian Guys. Entire podium in Senior Ladies Free Skating composed by Silvia Nemesio, Letizia Ghiroldi and Silvia Lambruschi. Men did a great job too with two medals: Luca Lucaroni who confirms his World title and Alessandro Amadesi (third place). Silver medal for the Spanish Pere Marsinyach Torrico. Exciting competitions entertained the huge crowd proving the high level of these World Championships. Awarding Ceremony took place right after the end of the competitions.

JUNIOR AND SENIOR DANCE COUPLES.  With talent and sympathy Asya Sofia Testoni-Giovanni Piccolantonio rise on the highest step of the podium in the Junior Dance Couples category. Immediately after we can find their team mates Alessia Benedetto-Emanuele Garbolino. The podium closes with the stars and stripes couple composed by Madison Kellis-Benson Kuan. In Senior Category, gold and silver medals for Italy, followed by Portugal. Involving and technically wonderful, Anna Remondini-Daniel Morandin smiled at the end of their beautiful program. Beautiful Silvia Stibilj-Andrea Bassi follow them on the ranking. Portuguese Couple Daniela Filipa Lopes Dias-José Pedro Alves Cruz has been really appreciated.

INFO. Tomorrow last day on the Vendéspace rink, at the Beaupuy Park in Mouilleron-Le-Captifle. Competitions will start at 2.20 pm with Junior and Senior Couples long programs. Then Quartets and final super show with Large Groups. For the end of these World Championships, closing ceremony and grand gala will take place enriched by all the world champions attending the event. 2018 Artistic Skating World Championships are broadcasted live streaming on World Skate TV. Minute-to-minute updates are available on the official World Skate Facebook Page. Click here for more info.

Credits to Raniero Corbelletti