The Italian edition of the Artistic International Series was a success!


The Artistic International Series in Trieste, Italy wrote a new page in history. The competition was rich and the nearly 350 skaters from 25 countries were ready. The skaters were on a quest to reach top scores and secure a spot in the upcoming Series Final. The Junior and Senior skaters were looking to earn points for the exclusive World Skate Rankings.

Apparent in all the categories was the focus and hard work on Components. With the Rollart System the Components are an important part of the score and skaters and coaches cannot overlook this. Scores in Skating Skills, Transitions, Performance and Choreography rose to outstanding new levels in Trieste. It is these scores that represent the perfect mix of brilliant technique combined with poetic art. It is truly what makes Artistic Skating unique and a top sport around the globe. The ascent in Component scores is proof that skaters and coaches are dedicated to hard work and pushing the sport to new levels as an art.

Tots, Minis and Espoir Free Skating kicked off the competition in Trieste. These skaters are the pathway to the future of the sport. The skating world is going to see expansion in unforeseen ways with the deep talent seen.

Cadet and Youth Solo Dance and Couple Dance displayed hard work with this year’s debut of Style at this level. Cadet and Youth Free Skating competitions were fierce as the skaters had their eyes on The Final.

Junior Solo Dance proved to be a battle of the flags in both the Ladies and the Men. In the Junior Ladies Solo Dance there were less than three points separating the podium finishers it was a battle. Clinching the Junior Ladies Solo Dance Gold Medal was Lidia Mateo Vazquez, ESP. Winning the Silver Medal was Maureen Versteeg, NED. With the Bronze Medal was Anna Guimaraes Fruchi, BRA. Winning the Gold Medal in Junior Men Solo Dance was Ot Font, ESP. With only .16 points difference it was Afonso Sousa, POR earning the Silver Medal. Francesco Vittauri, ITA was the winner of the Bronze Medal.

Junior Ladies Solo Dance:

  1. Lidia Mateo Vazquez, ESP 117.96
  2. Maureen Versteeg, NED 115.68
  3. Anna Guimaraes Fruchi, BRA 115.11

Junior Men Solo Dance

  1. Ot Font, ESP 135.03
  2. Afonso Sousa, POR 115.98
  3. Francesco Vittuari, ITA 115.82

In Junior Pairs it was the host country’s flag gaining both podium spots. Anna Guilia Calabrese and Lorenzo Tommasi, ITA won the Gold Medal while Anna Serafini and Manuel Cioni, ITA earned the Silver Medal.

Junior Pairs

1.Calabrese & Tommasi, ITA 125.24 2. Serafini & Cioni, ITA 113.56

It was between Spain and Italy in Senior Solo Dance. These events proved to be highlights of excellence for the sport in the quest for perfection. For the Ladies it was Italy that was on the highest step of the podium with the 2022 Junior World Champion Roberta Sasso, ITA earning her first Gold Medal in Senior. Asya Sofia Testoni, ITA captured the Silver Medal. The returning Senior World Champion Natalia Baldizzone Morales, ESP won the Bronze Medal and her second medal of the Series. In Senior Men Solo Dance it was Llorenc Alvarez Caballero, ESP as the Gold Medalist with a brilliant Free Dance. Italy’s Mattia Qualizza, ITA won the Silver Medal with teammate Nicholas Masiero, ITA with the Bronze Medal.

Senior Ladies Solo Dance

  1. Roberta Sasso, ITA 154.79
  2. Asya Sofia Testoni, ITA 141.13
  3. Natalia Baldizzone Morales, ESP 137.05

Senior Men Solo Dance

  1. Llorenc Alavarez Caballero, ESP 167.04
  2. Mattia Qualizza, ITA 150.33
  3. Nicholas Masiero, ITA 140.51

Couples Dance is always intriguing and can engage the audience in exquisite ways. Junior and Senior Couple Dance brought exactly that. In Junior Couples it was Carlotta Ciuffo and Walter Padovan, ITA capturing Gold Medal. Taking the second step on the podium was Mathilda Piertrobuoni and Davide Benassi, ITA with the Silver Medal. And creating a new legacy for their country of Netherlands by winning the Bronze Medal was Kyra Swanenberg and Tijem Hendriks, NED. Senior Couples Dance saw three different countries among the top four teams. The highest spot on the podium with the Gold Medal was Martina Nuti and Nicholas Masiero, ITA. This was Masiero’s second medal of the competition. Caterina Artoni and Roul Allegranti, ITA won the Silver Medal. Joining on the podium was the Bronze Medalists Gabriella Giraldi and Felipe Werle, BRA.

Junior Couple Dance

  1. Ciuffo & Padovan, ITA 106.40
  2. Piertrobuoni & Benassi, ITA 97.20
  3. Swanenberg & Hendriks, NED 82.17

Senior Couple Dance

  1. Nuti & Masiero, ITA 154.81
  2. Artoni & Allegranti, ITA 139.13
  3. Giraldi & Werle, BRA 113.38

Junior and Senior Free Skating events came down to two flags among the all the medals. While Italy and Spain reigned supreme on the podium, it doesn’t mean it was an easy journey with many countries and continents in the medal hunt. For Junior Ladies Free Skating it was the Spanish flag on top with a Gold Medal for Elna Frances, ESP. Winning the Silver Medal was Federica Pizzingrilli, ITA. Joining Team Spain on the podium was Àfrica Valiente, ESP with the Bronze Medal. For Junior Men Free Skating it was Riccardo Bonotto, ITA with the Gold Medal. Mirko Mazzo, ITA won the Silver Medal. And climbing from a 5th place standing in Short Program to the Bronze Medal after the Free Skate was Arnau Pérez Montero, ESP.

Senior Free Skating is often considered a battle of royalty and Trieste proved no different by the time the dust settled. In the Senior Ladies Free Skating there were a remarkable seven countries that finished among the top ten proving that Artistic Skating is reaching high levels all around the globe. For the medal ceremony it was Claudia Aguado, ESP with the Gold Medal. Carla Escrich, ESP won the Silver Medal and Micol Zangoli, ITA captured the Bronze Medal. In Senior Men Free Skating it was Alessandro Liberatore, ITA owning the highest spot on the podium. Liberatore came into Trieste as second in the World Skate Rankings and was the 2022 World Silver Medalist. With a strong comeback from fifth place in Short Program to pull up to the Silver Medal after Free Skate was Hector Diez Severino, ESP. Winning the Bronze Medal was Lucas Yanez Pérez, ESP.

Junior Ladies Free Skating

  1. Elna Frances, ESP 143.35
  2. Federica Pizzingrilli, ITA 129.90
  3. Àfrica Valiente, ESP 122.17

Junior Men Free Skating

  1. Riccardo Bonotto, ITA 177.72
  2. Mirko Mazzo, ITA 160.36
  3. Arnau Pérez Montero, ESP 158.06

Senior Ladies Free Skating

  1. Claudia Aguado, ESP 164.15
  2. Carla Escrich, ESP 153.08
  3. Micol Zangoli, ITA 143.15

Senior Men Free Skating

  1. Alessandro Liberatore, ITA 262.05
  2. Hector Diez Severino, ESP 241.90
  3. Lucas Yanez Pérez, ESP 226.26

The heartbeat of the sport was once again felt in Trieste. With outstanding competition and passion felt by every skater it was proven why this place is so special to the artistic skating family. The Artistic International Series has become a premiere part of the World Skate calendar providing international competition throughout the year.

Nicola Genchi, World Skate Artistic Technical Commission Chairman said, “As the second leg of the Artistic International Series, Trieste was a showcase for our sport. The number of flags participating show the global importance of this type of competition as skaters strive to reach the Final as well as obtaining points for the important World Skate Ranking. The Series format is allowing the athletes to grow and improve their skills throughout the season by engaging in international competition.”

Next up is the Artistic International Series Final in San Juan, Argentina 13-18 June! Cadet to Senior Free Skaters and Junior and Senior Solo Dance and Couple Dance and Pairs along with Show and Precision will offer the best skaters in the World. This important competition in only its second year has quickly become a cannot-miss event. The skaters are all looking for a podium finish as well as obtaining points for the World Skate Rankings which determine the skating order at the World Championship.

The title of Artistic International Series Final Champion is at stake along with $15,000 cash as each Senior, Precision, Large Show, Small Show and Quartet Gold Medal, will go home with a $1500 cash prize.

The 2023 Artistic Skating Season is off to a strong start. The stories are being told and how the Rankings will turn out will soon be seen. Don’t miss the Artistic International Series World Cup Final in San Juan, Argentina. It is here that another chapter will be written for the sport.