WRG2019 - Roller Derby: United States, Australia and Spain, the strongest in the premiere

Roller Derby
Roller Derby

The women's teams of the United States, Australia and Spain have scored goals in their debut in the Roller Derby World Championship, played in Riera Seca Pavilion of Mollet del Vallés. The three teams already won a World Cup medal two years ago and want to get back on the podium. As for the men's teams, Spain and the United States have shown themselves to be the fittest teams on the first day.

The largest win has been played by Spain, who had no mercy against India. The Spanish have imposed themselves with clarity, 359 to 2. As far as Australia, silver in 2017, has not given options to the Chinese team and has won by 248 to 17, while India has exceeded by 256 to 10.

In fact, China has played a second match on the first day and has done against the favourite, the United States, which won in Nanjing 2017. The Americans have been far superior and the match has only been played until the break. The Asian team has decided to end the duel when the score was very favourable for the United States, 204-27.

In the men's category, the United States has also shown itself intractable and has destroyed Japan, 173 to 9. Spain, which faced the first day with a complicated opponent, Australia, has surpassed it with good marks, being one of the most attractive matches of the day. The Spanish team has dominated from start to finish in the amazing game and won the duel 91 to 32, leaving very good feelings to the local fans. This game was the second that played in the first day of competition the Australian team, which in the early morning has won in China, 218 to 12.

During the afternoon, there was also an intense men's duel, China against Japan. A commitment that the referees have given up the start of the second part by the hard game of both teams. The duel has ended with a favourable score to the Japanese team, 111 to 41.

PHOTO: J. Monfort/WRG