World Skate Meets the Scooter Industry


The conference-call on the last May 17th was the perfect opportunity for World Skate to meet the scootering industry and to establish an action plan for the development of the sport. Scootering has joined the big World Skate family just few years ago, but World Skate has many projects on going to promote it worldwide. Being aware that the industry plays a key-role for both the riders and the event organizations, we wanted to meet all those who have been involved on scootering development at any levels in the past years.

Sabatino Aracu (President of World Skate) opened the meeting: “Our sports are popular and loved by all the young people around the world. We are a big family managing with all parties and guaranteeing full autonomy and working independence to all of the them. Skateboarding’s investiture into official Olympic event status and the World Skate established as an Olympic Federation lead on from the huge success of last summer’s Tokyo Olympics and the excitement already surrounding Paris 2024. A big goal that must be capitalized in terms of appeal providing benefits for all our sports, including scootering. Although it has recently joined the World Skate family, the scootering is essential for us, because it fully reflects our values: It is urban and young”.

Lewis Crampton (World Skate Scootering Technical Commission): “As part of the scootering community and professional riders we have been around for a long time, but we need to think big. It's the right time to have the full engagement, as it happens today. There are many areas in the world where we can develop our discipline. I am sure we'll be able to build a good team”.

Francesco Zangarini (World Skate Sports Director): “We are working on many projects - he said - first of all the World Skate Games in Buenos Aires, next October. And of course on the World Cup that we would like to start on 2023”. 

Shelby Grimnes (WS Scootering Technical Commission): “I've been skating for over 16 years. I'm a rider and a photographer too. I have always tried to develop and increase relationships within our community. Our goal is to find the right way for our sport. Thanks to World Skate we can move to a higher level. I’m excited and happy to know that World Skate is doing so much for our movement”.


Photo credits: Shelby Grimnes