2023 Scootering World Championships!


The countdown is on for the 2023 Scootering World Championships, which promises to be one of the most exciting events of the year. From June 14th to 18th, Madrid, Spain will be home to the fourth World Skate sanctioned World Championships for Park and the third for Street. This year's event will also include the second sanctioned Junior Park & Street World Championships. Hosted by Urban World Series & Madrid Deporte, the event will take place in Parque Madrid Rio-Matadero and feature six different contest disciplines: Men's, Women’s, and Juniors’ Park & Street.

The big question on everyone's minds is whether the defending champions will be able to hold onto their titles. The 2023 Scootering World Championships follow up the 2022 edition hosted at the World Skate Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The reigning champions are Jamie Hull for Men's Park, Jonathan Perroni for Men's Street, Beca Ortiz for Women's Park, and Josephine Zgorski for Women's Street. While Liam Rosario and Revin Cachat claimed Junior Street and Junior Park titles respectively, they've decided to challenge themselves and step up to the Pro Men’s category in Madrid.

In 2023, we are kicking off the official Scootering World Ranking system at the World Championships. Being the most prestigious event of the year, there are huge points on offer for eligible riders, and all future World Skate sanctioned competitions will award points based on each event's significance, creating a dynamic and ever-changing ranking system. Check out the World Ranking System via the link below!
World Skate Scootering World Ranking System 

This year's event promises to be even more exciting, as scooter fans from all over the planet converge to witness the world's best riders compete for the coveted World Champion title. Fans can expect to see some incredible tricks and new faces making their mark on the sport, as well as the defending champions battling it out to retain their titles.

The Madrid Urban Sports event has become one of the most anticipated events of the year for scooter riders and fans alike. It's a celebration of the sport and a chance for the world's best athletes to come together and showcase their skills. The 2023 World Championships promise to be a thrilling experience for spectators, with jaw-dropping tricks and impressive displays of athleticism.

Technical information regarding formats, registration and more can be found in our recent bulletin here and the 2023 Rulebook here.

To learn more about the Madrid Urban Sports event check out their website here

See you all in Madrid!