The 2023 Scootering World Championships Recap: A Spectacular Showcase of Skill and Triumph!


In the vibrant city of Madrid, Spain, the stage was set for an awe-inspiring display of talent at the highly anticipated 2023 Scootering World Championships. Over the course of five scorching days, we bore witness to the coronation of six extraordinary World Champions. With 150 riders hailing from 20 diverse nations, this event proved to be the pinnacle of scootering excellence. Nestled within the breathtaking Parque Madrid Rio, an enthusiastic multitude of spectators gathered to marvel at the feats of the planet's finest scooter riders as they vied for supremacy in six thrilling World title races.

Mens Finals - Photo: Shelby Grimnes
Men's Finalists 

The exhilarating journey commenced with the crowning of our Women's Street World Champion. Seven exceptional women engaged in a fierce battle upon Urban World Series' impressive street course, eager to claim the prestigious crown. The clash culminated in a captivating duel between France's reigning 2022 World Champion, Josephine Zgorski, and the United States' own Mia Catalano, who had previously secured the silver medal in 2022. Ultimately, as the dust settled, it was Mia Catalano who emerged victorious, ascending to the well-deserved status of the 2023 Women's Street World Champion. This triumph marked just one of the numerous medals proudly brought home by the talented representatives of the United States.

Women's Street Podium:
🥇 Mia Catalano - USA - 137.50
🥈 Josephine Zgorski - FRA - 128.17
🥉 Sophie Molyneux - GBR - 100.83

Mia Catalano - Photo: Shelby Grimnes
Mia Catalano 

The following day unfolded with a thrilling schedule, encompassing four enthralling finals. First on the agenda were the Junior competitors, who showcased their prowess in both Park and Street disciplines. In the Junior Park event, six exceptional riders from around the globe went head-to-head, each harboring dreams of clinching the coveted gold. In a tightly contested affair, it ultimately boiled down to a captivating duel between the United States' Jack Walsh and France's Fantin Pharabod. Following an incredible display of talent, Fantin Pharabod triumphed, capturing the gold medal. Hot on his heels, Jack Walsh secured a well-deserved second place, with Omar Soto claiming the honorable third position. The excitement reached its zenith as spectators transitioned to the Street Plaza, where the Junior Street riders left no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. This stacked final featured prodigious talents hailing from the USA, France, and New Zealand. A barrage of spectacular runs ensued, forcing the outcome to be determined by the riders' best trick attempts. With a stunning final trick, Jack Walsh of the United States sealed his fate, standing tall as the ultimate champion. Jack's indomitable spirit, showcased throughout a grueling day of competing in both the Park and Street finals, propelled him to claim the gold medal in the Street discipline.

Junior Park Podium:
🥇 Fantin Pharabod - FRA - 93.67
🥈 Jack Walsh - USA - 90.00
🥉 Omar Soto - USA - 87.33

Junior Street Podium:
🥇 Jack Walsh - USA - 166.67
🥈 Stacey Wariner - USA - 166.50
🥉 Cooper Steen - NZL - 145.00

Jack Walsh - Photo: Shelby Grimnes
Jack Walsh 

Next in line was the highly anticipated Women's Park final. Brimming with talent, seven exceptional riders from five nations prepared to leave an indelible mark on the competition. Regrettably, the absence of 2022 World Champion Rebeca Ortiz due to injury opened the door for a brand-new World Champion to emerge victoriously. Mia Catalano of the United States entered the final as the favorite, having secured the top spot in the semifinals. Would Mia seize the opportunity to claim a remarkable double gold? The women took to the course, delivering solid runs that left the judges with the unenviable task of selecting a victor. Ultimately, it was the United States' Claire Parks who ascended to the summit, capturing the gold medal. This victory marked Claire's 1st world championship title, following her second-place finishes in 2021 and 2022. Alexandra Madsen of New Zealand secured an impressive second place, while Mia Catalano of the USA continued to shine, earning her second medal of the week with a well-deserved third-place finish.

Women's Park Podium:
🥇 Claire Parks - USA - 84.00
🥈 Alexandra Madsen - NZL - 81.67
🥉 Mia Catalano - USA - 79.00

Claire Parks - Photo: Shelby Grimnes
Claire Parks

With anticipation mounting, the men took center stage for the exhilarating Park final. The return of the 2021 World Champion, Jordan Clark from Great Britain, infused the competition with an extra layer of excitement. Absent in 2022's Buenos Aires event, Jordan emerged as a strong contender after delivering a remarkable performance in the semifinals. However, a formidable lineup of competitors stood poised to claim the coveted gold. Parque Madrid Rio swelled with hundreds of spectators, eager to witness the fierce clash among the world's top ten Men's Park riders. Employing a format combining a 45-second run with one best trick attempt for each run, the crowd was treated to a spectacular exhibition of skill and audacity. As all ten riders unleashed their immense talents, it became apparent that Jordan Clark was an unstoppable force, as his initial run score proved insurmountable. Jayden Sharman secured a commendable second place, with Matej Pekarek from the Czech Republic making a triumphant debut in the World Final, capturing third place.

Men's Park Podium:
🥇 Jordan Clark - GBR - 100.67
🥈 Jayden Sharman - GBR - 99.00
🥉 Matej Pekarek - CZE - 95.67

Jayden Sharman - Photo: Shelby Grimnes
Jayden Sharman

The grand finale of the week-long spectacle unfolded with the Men's Street final, illuminated by the setting sun and the captivating glow of the lights. Ten titans of Men's Street riding from across the globe prepared to do battle, each harboring aspirations of claiming the illustrious world title. Absent from the competition was the reigning 2022 World Champion, Jonathan Perroni, leaving the door wide open for a new hero to emerge. Lucas Di Meglio, the top-seeded rider from the semifinals, held lofty ambitions of securing his second world title. However, the indomitable Guifre Obradors of Spain sought to etch his name in the chronicles of scootering history by capturing gold on his home turf. The ten riders captivated the audience with their scintillating runs, leaving the final outcome hanging in the balance until the climactic best tricks section. The contest witnessed a breathtaking display of audacious tricks, with multiple riders taking turns occupying the top spot. Yet, as the dust settled, it was France's Lucas Di Meglio who emerged triumphant, claiming the gold medal. Guifre Obradors proudly clinched second place, while the Czech Republic's Matej Pekarek clinched his second bronze of the day, cementing his status as a rising star. The electrifying final left spectators spellbound, providing a fitting conclusion to this unforgettable event.

Men's Street Podium:
🥇 Lucas Di Meglio - FRA - 182.33
🥈 Guifre Obradors - ESP - 171.01
🥉 Matej Pekarek - CZE - 167.50

Lucas Di Meglio - Photo: Shelby Grimnes
Lucas Di Meglio 

The 2023 Scootering World Championships, now in its fourth year hosted by World Skate, did not disappoint. This extraordinary event would not have been possible without the invaluable contributions of our esteemed partners, Urban World Series, and the unwavering support of the City of Madrid. Thousands of enthusiastic spectators and countless viewers worldwide bore witness to a mesmerizing display of scootering excellence. Unforgettable moments unfolded throughout the weekend, forever etched in the collective memory of all those fortunate enough to experience them. As the curtains close on this magnificent chapter, our gaze now turns to the upcoming Extreme Barcelona 2023, which will serve as the second opportunity this year for riders to accumulate World Ranking points! With the bar raised to unprecedented heights, the future of scootering shines brighter than ever before, beckoning riders from around the world to push their limits, defy expectations, and leave an indelible mark on the ever-evolving realm of this exhilarating sport.

Final Medal Count:

United States (7):
🥇 Gold: 3 🥈 Silver: 2 🥉 Bronze: 2 

France (3):
🥇 Gold: 2 🥈 Silver: 1 

Great Britain (2): 
🥇 Gold: 1 🥈 Silver: 1 

New Zealand (2)
🥈 Silver: 1 🥉 Bronze: 1 

Czech Republic (2)
🥉 Bronze: 2 

Spain (1)
🥈 Silver: 1


Photos by: Shelby Grimnes